Derek Acorah’s Sydney location Ghost tour

 The Hero of Waterloo Hotel, Sydney Harbour

Presented by API (Australian Paranormal investigations), Melbourne, Victoria

 In Association with Swann Security

This was a well-thought out event by the API group from Victoria and although they had what we would call ‘the usual equipment problems’ on the eve of the event, all turned on come time to begin!

Our special guest, Derek Acorah, arrived to a warm

reception from the public who attended and I must

say, was very giving of his time and energy to each

and every person – hardly likely to happen at many

another event of this type. After time to acquaint with

all of us, Derek happily led the entire troupe on a

complete walk-around of the premises – The Hero

of Waterloo Hotel, an authentic heritage publican

house building from the earliest of times in the new


As such, Mr. Acorah was sure of one thing, “that your

own energy and willingness is not only obvious to

me in this room, but it will go a long way towards

communications with the spirits”. I am never as certain, but like the rest, willing to listen.

                                                                  Derek Acorah discussing Kellie's images with the President, Larraine looking on.

We divided up into groups shortly after and began individual vigils in the various parts of the building, including the ‘dungeon-like’ cellars. These are the infamous beginnings of the catacombs of tunnelling that led out to the harbour in the colonial days of the Redcoats and the British navy’s lodgings at every port. Many stories abound as to their intended purpose, but all we can see today is what might have been, so I was fascinated to hear what Derek said next.

During his time with us, Mr. Acorah remarked that “there were indeed three tunnels, but only one was true”, the others were detours. He referred to this tunnel as the ‘A’ Tunnel.

Our party was then left with two members of API in one of the upstairs rooms where a number of events took place that were more than interesting, but less than defined as there were no images that have surfaced. But the most obvious was when Kellie noticed that the chandelier was moving. In fact, it wasn’t wobbling or swinging – it was trying to turn on its axis - which could not have been caused by any draughty breezes as there were none and occurred as the participants were asking for interaction. It seems silly that the one place we were not looking was straight above our heads!

Our group photographer for the night was Kellie and although we joked about her needing to use basic settings (due to the lack of light) on an otherwise exceptional SL/R Digital camera, she came through

with a couple of beauties!

The one I liked the best involved a long exposure in poor light in order to get a good image of my partner, Larraine at the end of the bar in conversation with another person. The problem is, even though Kellie waited until the bar was clear of others, someone else turned up in the very stool that Derek claimed was the favourite spot for a very large male persona he could ‘see’.

Considering it was the first time that this venue had been ‘looked into’ by a group as a planned evening, it couldn’t have been better and I must congratulate API for its professionalism.

As for the guest of honour, I am the most sceptical individual from our entourage and I tend to demand clear and present detail in order to stand up to scrutiny. Well, I managed to see one picture on one evening where I was not only present in the room, I know where all the ‘players’ were and none were present where we saw the obvious figure of a man in the image - and Derek Acorah had told me to be aware of him.

Mr. Acorah has left an indelible mark as a result, in spite of all the derogatory remarks you just know he will have to put up with. In the end, I wanted to give my very warmest regard to Mr. Acorah, and I’m sure he actually understood why “I enjoyed listening” to him!

Dominic McNamara,

Secretary, UFO-PRSA

'Present Company’, the image of interest! During the shot, no one entered between the camera and the end of the room. So what is the shadowy image at the bar?