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Bankstown - 24th February. J was sitting on the back veranda with his wife when he noticed a white light moving across the sky. Whilst he was trying to determine which type of object it could be, it stopped dead and then disappeared without making a sound. He believed that such a small light was probably quite distant from him, but that nothing could explain this disappearing trick. This sighting actually turned out to be a daytime one in which the time of the event was late AM. The object moved easterly, that is, from left to right in front of the witness. He even called his wife back after it suddenly stopped. It wasn't so much the type of light in the day that would bring much attention, it was the fact that it was moving too fast and then stopped too suddenly - and after all of that, it suddenly vanished. After gnawing over it for a while, he felt he had no choice but to try and tell someone. He rang 12455 and was given the UFO hotline details.


Newcastle - 11th April 6.55pm. S and her husband were sitting outside when they noticed two 'stars', one above the other and as they watched, the bottom one ascended slowly and 'merged' with the other. It took about 10 minutes for this to happen. They were hovering and then they faded out. She rang the Williamtown air base who said that they 'don't do UFO reports' and gave her the hotline number. They were looking towards East Maitland, in the easterly sky. She descried the objects as starlike.


Eastwood - 28th April 21.00. It was a shiny blue fluorescent ball of light. First thought it to be a plane as it was traveling around plane height. We noticed it because it was very bright, unusually bright for a plane. Me and my fiancé were checking it out and talking. After a couple of seconds it sped up, left a light trail and disappeared.


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Glenreagh - 26th June 5.30pm. I was loading firewood at the back door just on dark and noticed a bigger than normal bright light moving across the sky. It was very bright which made it hard to determine the exact shape. The object was about 10-times larger than a star and brighter. It seemed to be only a couple of kilometres away and moving at a slow, even pace in a straight line. It was too close for a satellite. It was not a plane as it was silent and flying much lower. It can only be described as a 'ball of light'.

It was a very still and quiet night and there was no sound of any aircraft motor, though once it started getting further away we both thought we could hear a slight humming sound. A few minutes later an aeroplane flew past and it was a lot further away than the object and we could easily hear the noise of its motor and see its flashing lights, even though it was a lot further away.

Note by agent: There was an Iridium satellite with a possible flare at 5.48pm. The path, however, was SSE - NNW. The unknown in the report was travelling on an opposite flight path.


On Saturday 28th June L and his father witnessed a number of UFO's from their backyard in Bowral. Mr. L. was outside at 8.30pm and spotted what he originally thought was a bright orange coloured satellite. He called his son L outside to see it. As they watched it travel over their house they realised it was not a satellite as it was too low and wasn't travelling in a direct line. It was described as wobbling and ascending silently, suddenly another one appeared heading in the same direction as the first one and they started to do loops as they ascended. L and his father watched the objects for approximately 10 minutes. The first one was in view for about 2 or 3 minutes before the second one came into view. They were travelling from north to south but not going over the horizon. Then they suddenly ascended and disappeared. The next morning on the local Southern Highlands radio 102.9 they listened to the radio talk back show and a few people were calling in having witnessed the same bright orange lights in the sky. Some of the witnesses claimed to have seen up to 7 objects on the same night.


Nowra - 30th June 11:30am. Flying low and slow over golf course Nowra, Greenwell Point Road and flying west east. I was halted at an intersection at Worrigee facing north towards Terrara. In front of me was a military helicopter following another craft about two lengths behind. The front craft was a rounded triangle shape, about the size of the helicopter without tail or rotor blades. I sat for a while trying to work out what I was looking at. The bottom half of craft was grey/blackish and silverish on top. Many aircrafts fly over our area and my home but have never seen anything like it. For this past year there has been many 'unusual' aircrafts 'buzzing' our neighbourhood.


On Monday 30th June, R was staying at his Nan's house in Brighton Le Sands, when he witnessed a strange craft. He noted the time as 10 minutes past 7 in the morning, he was sitting at the dining table having breakfast and idly looking out of the window when he noticed a black triangular shaped object flying in low clouds over a 10 storey building. He described it as being as big as a 20 cent coin held at arms length and travelling north, he lost sight of it as it past out of view of the window frame but curious he continued to look in that direction, Suddenly the object appeared again, this time travelling south, he alerted his mother who also witnessed this black triangular craft and as they were watching it they were both amazed to see it just disappear.


Report emailed by witness:

The Hills district - 1st August. I woke at 3.39am, sat on my bed and looked out the window for no particular reason. I saw a bright object. At first I thought it was a plane. I kept watching as it did not appear to be flying in any direction. Then I noticed to the far right of it another one. Whilst watching and moving from one object to another my eye caught lights just appear out of nowhere and they were in between the other two objects. They had darting movements, not like a plane at all. Then they looked like they were hovering. It was bizarre!

I woke my husband and he is as sceptical as ever. He said, 'that's no plane. I have no idea what they are'. He just went back to bed.

I then saw at three different times what looked like shooting stars. Two were peripheral and the third I caught as it happened.

One other thing I noticed looked like red independent lights (just dots to me) come from the larger object I first witnessed. I stayed looking for 45 minutes or so as I really thought I was seeing things! I was wide awake, I assure you.


Report emailed by witness:

Near Blacktown - 3rd November. I was not there for the entire 2-hours. I arrived home a little after 8.oopm to find my brother and his girlfriend outside with the binoculars. They told me they have been seeing things, so I had a look. The objects were mainly far away, but moving faster than anything I have ever seen. They would be from the south horizon to the north horizon in under a minute. Sometimes they would stop mid flight, float for a bit and move in a different direction. Others would move vertically and they looked unlike anything I had ever seen.

Through the binoculars, I managed to see two close up: one was cigar shaped and the other a diamond. I could clearly see the outline of the object. In a few instances we saw a diamond of lights (one light at the front, back, top and bottom) level out into a line of four lights in a row before accelerating out of view.

The craft and the "explosions" made no sound whatsoever, ruling out any type of commercial aircraft and judging by the distance, they objects looked at least 500m+ in length.

It is unknown if they were circling, but though out the two hours, I must have seen at least 50 instances of the objects and having about 8 or 9 visible at the same time.

At first I thought it might have been military training from the RAAF base at Richmond, but there was no squadrons and no set pattern to any of the crafts flights, and upon seeing the closer ones, looked like no craft I have ever seen.

My brother was on the phone to a friend who also witnessed this from his house.

On 3 separate occasions, about 10-20 minutes apart, we saw an object fly behind a house out of sight and then a large ball shaped flash lit up the sky like lightning, but there was no sound and happened only 3 times, each time in the exact same spot.


Report emailed by witness:

Yanderra (Southern Highlands) - June. In broad daylight I was out for an afternoon walk and sat for a rest. I always like looking up at the sky as I'm into aircrafts and flying in general. Therefore I'm totally sober. I was observing a domestic passenger jet climbing and heading west. When it was at 12 o'clock overhead I observed an object close on the tail of the jet: a cylinder about 50\' 60ft long, black metal semi shine. The cylindrical object looked to be slip streaming the jet. It was 15ft off the tail.

Yanderra - 19th October, 8:45pm. I was star gazing when I observed what looked like a star. However it was moving fast, too fast! It arced across the sky quick. The speed I estimate super sonic. There were no strobes or navigational lights. No engine noise or sonic boom and no vapour trail. The object was round, bright orange/yellow. No other lights. It was a calm and clear night.


Leumeah (NE suburb from Campbelltown) 30th December at 7.32pm:

Witness was hanging washing out at the time. Mild wind conditions SW to NE with fine layer of Cirrus clouds. Sudden flyby of spherical object from SE to NW. Airborne debris or any other airborne artifacts can be possibly ruled out as direction of travel was inconsistent with wind direction.

Observer described the unknown to be white semi-transparent with murky center, traveling at high speed.


1st June 2008.

AUFORN referral.

Reported by Dominic McNamara

G was still wide awake at 12:54 am on the morning of the 1st June when he turned on his mobile. Just a few seconds before, he had witnessed an object, brilliantly lit and hovering silently behind the large tree that dominates the skyline outside. The tree is describes as “about 20 m high and about 10m wide. There were bright lights coming into the room”, he said. For about 7 to 8 seconds, G wondered what they were as these lights appeared not to be constant, but dispersed somehow and a strange reddish pinkish colour. In fact, it seemed almost ‘sneaky’ to G that such an object

appeared where it could not be directly observed. As the object receded, G was impressed to see what e called a “massive ship” which then zigzagged. He described the object as “like a grey lump in the middle of the light with a ball on the top. My Mrs was right next to me when it was leaving. The whole thing lasted 7 to 8 seconds. Eventually, the sighting was lost to the horizon.”

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