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Bradbury sighting, 17th May, 2:30 am I was walking up to my bedroom after falling asleep on the couch. My girlfriend was with me, and she jumped into bed first. As I got into bed, I looked directly out of the window, as it’s at the head of my bed. As soon as I looked out, I straight away said, “UFO!” It was massive. It looked huge and it seemed so close to our house. It was spinning, but not that fast. It probably spun around about 2 - 3 times before going down behind the roof of the house next door; which all happened in less than 10 seconds. It was big. I thought it was going to come over next door’s house - that’s how close it looked. It had about 3 - 5 green lights on the sides. It was just insane. Even after it all, and even now, I question myself on what I had seen; I know I saw it - but it’s so unbelievable.


Mount Warning - 10th June. Report emailed by witness

Last night I reported to the ufo hotline a sighting I had at Byrrill Creek in Northern NSW near the Queensland border.

Along with myself there were 5 other witnesses that I know of - a friend who was visiting, two friends who live nearby and my two closest neighbours. So six of us saw this thing in the sky. The sighting lasted for about 45-minutes and during that time I was able to phone them to go outside and have a look.

One witness who could also see it from their vantage point even drove up to my place and saw it from here.

I live in an isolated spot near the rim of the Tweed Caldera. So you can guess there's not much to see out here except forest and bush, some grazing land and mountains and stars. There are no houses or ground lights that can be seen in that direction.

The red and blue pulsating object remained stationary in the same spot for the whole duration before it faded or dimmed for about 5-10 seconds then went out like a light being switched off. I would like to say at this point that it wasn’t a setting star or planet. Neither are Venus or Jupiter currently visible in that part of the sky.

I am very familiar with the night sky and all kinds of natural phenomena including the brightest stars such as Sirius, which I could plainly see. I was able to get 57 photos. Some are just fuzzy balls of blue or red light and some shots came out fairly clear. I had my camera set up on a tripod outside the door so there would be minimal movement or obstruction to the camera. The fuzz I suspect is most likely due to me zooming right in to maximum while the object pulsated, though I also took a number of shots without the zoom. The camera was set on automatic with the flash turned off.


Report emailed by witness

Bradbury - 17th May, 2:30 am. I was walking up to my bedroom as I had already fallen asleep on the lounge. I was with my girlfriend. She jumped in bed first. As I jumped in bed I looked out the window as it’s at the head of my bed. As soon as I looked out, I straight away said, “UFO”!

It was massive; it looked huge and it looked so close to our house. It was spinning, but not that fast. Probably spun around 2 - 3 full times before going down behind the roof of the house next to me, which all happened in less than 10 seconds. It was big. I thought it was going to come over next door’s house, that’s how close it looked. It had about 3 - 5 green lights on the sides. It was just insane.

Even after it all and even now, I question myself on what I had seen, but I know I saw it - but it’s so unbelievable.


Report emailed by witness

Sydney - May 22, 2009, 5:37pm. I was driving north on Old Brooklyn Highway a somewhat secluded road about 13 kilometers north of Berowra, NSW, to beat traffic. I was winding through the cliff tops when I saw in the distance 5 to 6 small bright white lights all in a circle rotating around another in the center of them, just as children would play ring around the Rosie, or reminiscent of a formation of wheel studs, all of them converging close to the center one and all moving out again, but they were continuously rotating all together like a dance.

I was at 1228 Pacific Highway just Past Mile Marker 83 when I stopped to watch them fade in and out circling in a clockwise rotation around the one in the middle all keeping in formation, and did not stray or move much in distance at all. Then they moved in a very fast motion all together and disappeared behind a ridge. I started driving and ten minutes later as I crossed the Mooney Bridge, I saw one only 300 feet off the mountain cross the road and traveled northeast over the bridge toward Kogorah Bay.

The object was about 1300 feet off the ground. It was as big as a two story house and it looked like a giant creamy marble in perfect ball shape. It rotated slowly and I saw markings on the side that resembled a deck of cards symbol of the clubs and also a straight line vertical and an arch over this straight line like an un-joined arrow. The second sighting lasted for about a minute as mountain peaks of Kogorah Bay obscured it.

The object was about 1300 feet off the ground. It was as big as a two-story house and it looked like a giant creamy marble in perfect ball shape. It rotated slowly and I saw markings on the side that resembled a deck of cards symbol of the clubs and also a straight line vertical and an arch over this straight line like an un-joined arrow. The second sighting lasted for about a minute as mountain peaks of Kogorah Bay obscured it.

I thought it seemed to do something to the water too, but I am not sure. It was very fleeting as I saw this as I turned away, but was if it flashed five light rays from underneath it at the water. I thought the water was being disturbed as it passed this light on the water's surface. I can't really be sure. I couldn't see anymore as it was becoming distant and obscured.


Rosewood - ‘V’ lives on a farm at Rosewood, which is approximately 50-kms past Wagga Wagga and 50-kms before Tumbarumba. He has lived there for 14 years.

At 9.30pm on the night of Friday May 22 ‘V’ was outside on his property checking on his water pump at the dam when he noticed a red and white flashing light in the sky coming from the direction of Wagga.

‘V’ stated that it didn’t seem very far away and what got his attention was the odd way in which it was moving towards him in tight circular motions but not very fast. ‘V’ watched it moving just above the horizon for about 5-minutes. He described the pulsating light as so bright that it hurt his eyes - it came slowly towards him circling tightly in a north-easterly direction, then drifted away and disappeared to the east.

‘V’ said that the pulsating light affected his eyes so much that after it disappeared he could still see a dark pulsing blob in his vision. He could hear no sound and because the light was so bright he could not make out any structure. He was positive it was not a conventional plane or a helicopter. Having lived in the area for so long, ‘V’ is familiar with all types of aircraft that fly over his property from the RAAF Based at Wagga, but had never seen any thing quite like this.

After the object had disappeared from view ‘V’ went back inside his house and saw that there was static on his TV set, pulsating at the same frequency as the object.

“Although the object had disappeared out of view, it was still affecting the electrical on the TV”, ‘V’ said. This went on for about 10 more minutes before the picture cleared. This prompted him to call the RAAF Base to complain and also to find out what the object was. Needless to say the Base denied having any aircraft in the area or any knowledge of anything out of the ordinary.

The next day ‘V’ was speaking to his lady neighbour about the incident and she corroborated the fact that she too had had the same pulsating static effect on her TV the night before.

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Around 4.30pm on Monday 14th June, my daughter and I were in a car travellling along Elizabeth Drive west towards Penrith. The sun was setting and it was a clear sky. My daughter looked up to my right and said,

What’s that, up in the sky? “ I looked up and saw an object that was round and white with a trail. We kept track of it as it headed towards the Blue Mountains. This object was not a jet plane, it did not change altitude and you could see the trail.


My husband and I were sitting out on the beach that adjoins to the hotel we were staying at watching the sky when something we previously thought was a fairly bright star started to move. It moved up and down, side to side at quite a pace, stopping suddenly. It also looped a fair amount of times as we were watching. When planes or shooting stars arced through the sky, it would still itself, almost blending in like any other star. We were wondering about the possibility of pilots being trained at night, or a helicopter, but there were none of the usual sounds or

blinking lights visible that you would associate with either of those. We sat watching this for about 2 hrs before going back inside. When we came out again at about 12am, it was still there, but in another part of the sky. It looked to be almost playful, and upon closer inspection, it did look to be that there was another small moving object (! though, admittedly, I cannot say 100% for sure, but the main one was definitely moving). By the time we walked up to have another look, it had shot off to another part of the sky to our left, and we stayed out until about ten past one in the morning watching it until it had become barely visible anymore. During our last stay, we had not heard a single dog barking, but that night, there was an especially upset dog that seemed to react to this thing moving.


As the sun had set I decided to go outside and put my dogs in the garage for the night where they sleep. I called my dogs and noticed it strange that they were at the top of the driveway which is quite long. I knew they were there as my white dog glows in the dark and I could see here running as I called her. As I watched the dogs run down the driveway I saw a bright white light appear out of the corner of my eye and appear to cut the sky in

a perfectly straight line and then disappear. The sighting lasted only seconds and was definitely not a shooting star. The sky was clear and I heard no noises coming from the light at all. I have a friend that I contacted

immediatly after what I saw who is a member of your organisation and he suggested I report what I saw to you. To be honest I have never really believed in such sightings or actually was probably too scared to think they existed. After this evening I am convinced that what I saw was sometihng other then a Airplane or shooting star. I would be

interested to hear if anyone else reports it as well. I live on top of Razorback mountain on the Donalds Range ride side and have never experienced anything like this before.

HARRINGTON PARK - April 14, 2010

Could you tell me if any other sightings have occurred tonight in the Narellan-Campbelltown Area? I live in Harrington Park and I was emptying some rubbish in my bin tonight when I heard the noise of a loud plane passing over. I looked up and noticed two planes above, one to my left and one in  front of me (facing south towards Campbelltown). The noise was coming from the left plane and I watched as it moved to the left and past me. I looked back at the other plane that was blinking red and blue lights, and was about to go inside when I realised it hadn't moved that much compared to the other plane. I stood for five minutes and watched this 'plane' hover in the air as it slowly appeared to move away from me heading south. I walked to the back door and called out to my partner, and jokingly said, “Do you want to see a UFO?” laughing. She laughed back but I asked her to come out and take a look. We both stood there for another five minutes watching this object that continued to shrink in size. We then walked around and to the front of the house and stood watching this object for around 30 minutes. I had grabbed a pair of binoculars and noticed that this object had what appeared to be a ring of lights in a circle that were pulsing. The most interesting thing about this was that while we stood there watching, numerous planes were flying very close to the object, then passing by it; this happened approx every 5 or so minutes and this happened around 8-9 times while we watched. Our area is not overly common for multiple planes and to see so many that were flying all directly past this object was quite strange. After a while the object got so small that we could no longer see it. I went back into my house and looked up if there had been any unusual events sighted in the sky on the internet. During this quick search I read that planes  don't have blue lights, only red, white and green. Also I found a You Tube video of a UFO in Edinburgh that flashes red and blue like this object was doing. I would be very interested in hearing if anyone else has seen this object and the commotion of all the planes flying around it tonight.

Friday 10thSeptember 2010 11:30 pm

Merriwa, Muswellbrook, NSW

P was looking out of his lounge room window when he saw what looked like a plane on fire as it plunged to earth. He immediately thought this as the object he saw seemed oblong, had a framework and was apparently on fire yet left no real trail behind it. There was no sound and P has a good elevated view and was puzzled that this thing seemed close enough to make out a structure of some sort.  P followed up for an entire week, calling various people including the deep space network and even the American Embassy. So far, no-one has claimed ownership of any space debris or any training exercise from the RAAF. P stated that from his vantage point, he is able to observe RAAF on manoeuvres including total blackouts where no fuselage lights are operating. But this thing he, reiterated, was too close and too brilliant to have not been seen by the same people at

Williamtown air base who denied any knowledge; especially as they should have seen something on radar.

P said that the object was travelling South West and had come from Murwillumbah way.

Dubbo, NSW

I was driving when I stopped at a stop sign and noticed two orange flaming objects high up in the sky. They appeared to be following each other. At first I thought it might have been satellites re-entering Earth's atmosphere, but they were identical. I watched them for as long as I could then they just disappeared. I guess it could have been the sun glinting off them, but it really 12 did look like flames. There were no other lights. I can't find any mention of them anywhere in the news.

Larraine Cilia

Cootamundra, NSW 1968

C lives at Cootamundra and has done most of his life. Now 63 years old, in his early years, he used to work as a cleaner on night shift at the Cootamundra railway station, cleaning out carriages. In 1968, he was working in one of the carriages, mopping the aisle, when he noticed one side of the night sky as brighter than the rest. So he leaned over so he could see up at a greater angle and saw a strange sight. At first he thought a plane was coming in to land. C reports that a silent and motionless object he describes as circular, with a symmetrical top and bottom, hung in the air at a close enough height for him to make out a number of obvious shapes. First, he noticed that the bottom of this ‘saucer-like’ object had a different shape to the top. The bottom had a central object resembling a 44 gallon drum protruding downwards and that this shape moved up and down – in and out of the main body. As it did so, the strange lights that emanated from it changed colours through the spectrum. The top section had a clear dome of sorts in which there appeared two ‘beach ball’ shaped transparent balls which hovered inside the machine. It was at this point that I interrupted him to ask how he could have seen such things detailed from the ground if they were at the top of the object. His reply was straightforward; “That’s puzzled me for years – it’s as if I was in the carriage, but somewhere closer at the same time”

C went on to describe markings which he drew in a sketch. These markings were on what might otherwise be described as the fuselage.

                                                                                                             Outer marking sketch

C then described 5 beings of different descriptions. Apparently, he was met with two very different types of creature that seemed to be just like humans in most respects. But one was set apart from the others. His appearance differed in that his head seemed elongated from the eyes up – so his cranium was extended.

Again, I asked how this was possible. His response was that he felt there was only one answer – that he had somehow been ‘Taken’. The smaller individuals were using equipment that he could not describe until only a few years ago. The reason was that there were no comparisons to make until current technology made palm readers and postal delivery signatures on an electronic screen an everyday affair. All of this seemed to take only a few seconds and C instantly ran screaming to the station master to bear witness to this thing. After shirt-fronting’ the station master and practically dragging him out to the carriage where C was working, lo and behold there was nothing to see. The stationmaster gave a singular shake of the head and it was not mentioned again – until he finally got sick of denial and spoke to us.


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