For many the name Barkers Lodge Road has no meaning at all. In fact other than those who live within reasonable proximity to this long stretch of tarmac, most people would not know where it is. But for a few, Barkers Lodge Road has a notorious reputation. It’s a 20 kilometre road that connects Oakdale to Picton.

During daylight, Barkers Lodge Road offers a scenic drive with rolling hills, large paddocks and in sections impressive views. You could say that there is nothing out of the ordinary here, and all you would experience is a pleasant drive through a lovely country side. But it seems that this inviting façade slowly fades away as the Sun sets. By late evening to the early hours of the morning, this section of country takes on a whole new character.

Some people will say that if they can avoid driving through Barkers Lodge Road at night ... they will. There is nothing sinister about the dark landscape - it’s the occasional visitations from above that radiates concern.

Strange lights terrifying motorists have been recorded in this region for many years. Moreover, some of the residences have also experienced encounters of the unusual kind. It seems that most of these phantom lights arrive from a direction known as the Burragorang Valley (part of the Blue Mountains National Park).

Most of the Blue Mountains National Park area, which covers over 1400 square kilometres, is isolated wilderness – inaccessible and inhospitable. Over the years, dozens of people have disappeared in this vast mountainous bushland. But looking from an aerial point of view, if one wanted to perform a discrete operation from a well hidden outpost (and to be near a large population), the Blue Mountains is an ideal location.

It appears that this harsh landscape harbours more than just the native fauna – and this theory is supported by the documentation obtained during RACE expeditions.

Is it possible that Barkers Lodge Road falls into a corridor of some kind that inadvertently exposes these alleged operations to a privileged few?

Case History

One interesting case occurred in the early hours of the morning, sometime in 2001. A driver and two passengers were on their way home when they became aware of a single bright light approaching. At first they thought it was a motor bike travelling behind them but it suddenly became 'airborne' and flew over the top of their car, terrifying all three witnesses. The car lost all power and came to a stop. Just then the entire car was engulfed in a red light, emanating from above them. Panic broke out. Within seconds the red glow began to subside and the bright white light shot towards the sky. Frightened, the three gazed up through the windscreen and could see a star like light in the sky. The electrical components in the car suddenly came back on. Wasting no time, they quickly drove out of the area. When the three arrived home red marks were discovered on the back of their necks.

This form of encounter is not the first in the area. In fact another report from the late 1960's - early 70's describes how a couple driving somewhere along Barkers Lodge Road one night experienced sudden power failure when a large unlit triangular object cruised overhead.

On 28th June 2008 at 11.00pm on the southern end of Barkers Lodge Road, a small group of friends pulled over to inspect something suspicious in the night sky. Looking towards the southeast the three noticed a column of light behind a cover of mist, much like a luminous 'slit in the sky'. At first they thought it was a reflection coming from Picton, but the lack of a trail in a lower layer of cloud or mist proved otherwise.

As the cloud layer moved south, the strange phenomenon seemed to vanish - but not for long. Against the clear dark starlit sky, the small column of light reappeared. The group watched in awe. Then, from one moment to the next, it dissipated into thin air. Just as they were ready to leave, two of the witnesses saw a translucent formation cruise overhead in silence. This occurred twice within 15 - 20 minutes after the light phenomenon vanished. The formation was described as extremely wide with minimal length, much like a 'flying wing'.

These reports are no means exclusive to Barkers Lodge Road. Similar reports of strange phenomena in the skies above have come from the neighbouring Razorback, Oakdale and The Oaks (Burragorang Road) regions.

In January 2006 at 12.30am, 'C' was driving to work along Burragorang Road. He was heading towards a set of traffic lights near Camden when he noticed a string of luminous objects 'hanging' in midair. The unknowns displayed an array of red, blue, green and purple lights. 'C' turned right onto Burragorang Road and found himself moving underneath the unknown lights. When he looked into his rear vision mirror, he could no longer see them.

Soon he was driving into Mount Hunter. As 'C' passed the township, he noticed two bright lights, which he presumed to be a truck coming toward him. As the lights came closer, he became alarmed: the lights were on his side of the road. Metres before an inevitable head on collision, the mysterious lights parted and ascended vertically into the night sky. He immediately pulled over, got out of the car and looked up - there was nothing there. He then drove off.

Just before arriving at The Oaks, two lights came up behind him. This time they diverged some twenty metres before reaching him. The lights ascended and again disappeared. Instead of stopping, 'C' accelerated away.

Here’s an incident that occurred in 1996. This report was submitted by the witness himself:

We had just pulled over at the top of Razorback range about 11 pm, near the communication towers just off old Razorback rd, to view the lights of Sydney when I noticed what I thought was a car coming up behind us with high beam and spot lights on, and being still on the road a bit,went to move totally off to let it past - and as we moved forward the "lights" came right to the boot and over the top of the car. At this point the car was illuminated so bright to the point where we could almost see through the roof - if that makes sense. After what seemed like only seconds it vanished leaving us all shocked at what had just happened.

My wife at the time was pretty upset and was screaming at me to just drive and this was when I realized that the car had stalled. Now being a new car and automatic I knew that wouldn't happen without a reason. After starting the car I convinced my wife and brother-in-law to stop just down the road at the look out for a bit as I was shaking and did not want to drive down the range. When we pulled up at the look out, that’s when we realized that it was close to midnight and we couldn't remember where the 15-20 minutes had gone. After spending a little time there we decided to finish driving home. When we returned home, my wife’s mother was waiting up for us and when we got out of the car she noticed red marks on my brother in-laws neck and myself just below the left ear. As well as the marks, my wife had severe stomach pains that night.

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