Report emailed by witness:

I was interested to read that the Blue Mountains is a hot spot for UFO activity, as many years ago, I witnessed a huge flash of light streak up into the sky from the bed of a valley I was looking at. It was a reasonably clear, cold day. The light moved with lightning speed up out of the valley. It wasn't a shape, like those described in other accounts I've read. It was more like a sheet of light leaping up out of the valley. If I recall correctly, I was standing on the Southern side of the Hydro Majestic hotel, looking SE. It was a long time ago, around about the early 1980's.


Lithgow - At 9:25pm on the 23 August, 'M' sighted the a UFO in the southern sky on the Sydney side of the mountains. Orange and pulsating, he watched it hover and descend and move south. It disappeared and the second one appeared in the southeast. He said it definitely was not a plane or meteorite. It moved with purpose and changed direction.

It then moved west towards them. He called the household outside. There were five witnesses including 'M', his mother, his brother and two others. It hovered over power lines. 'M's brother said he saw a metal rod as the craft hovered. As it moved west and stopped right above them blinking on and off. He noticed that the metal rod was gone.

In addition they had the feeling of being watched. It seemed to be hovering above them watching them. They said there was no sound whatsoever. It suddenly moved southwest and they lost sight of it. The whole sighting lasted approximately 15-minutes.


Springwood - 'S' is a sincere, softly spoken lady, 59 years old and runs her own business.

On Tuesday night, 26th September, her husband had a toothache and slept on the lounge. 'S' was awoken, she thought, by a brilliant sunrise. Her Venetian blinds were half open and fiery gold light lit up her bedroom (her bedroom window faces east).

She looked at the clock and it was 4:30 am, too early for sunrise. So she got up and looked through the blinds. She was amazed to see a bright orange light coming from the east. Her house is on a downward slope facing north and she thought at first it was a street light, but it was moving closer – moving West – and getting bigger. It hovered over the roof of the house opposite hers and changed colour to a fiery red. It then shot off to the north, very low over the trees until it was a 'cigarette glow' in the night. Then it shot straight up and disappeared.

'S' said it was as big as the rising sun at it's closest and just as bright. She saw no solid mass, only light which was in an elongated shape and tapered as it shot away. She got the feeling it was an intelligent 'light mass' rather than a craft. She also said it was completely soundless and definitely was not a meteorite.

The sighting lasted for approximately 30-seconds. She rang the RAAF and they told her that there were no military craft or helicopters in the area at the time of her sighting.


Lithgow - Mr ‘M’ was driving home from work on Wednesday 25 June. It was around 6.00pm. He pulled up at an intersection on the Great Western Highway in Lithgow. He noticed three bright white lights in the Western sky about 20 degrees above the horizon. As his eyes adjusted to what he was looking at, he could make out a round object with a white light in the front; one either side and a green flashing light emanating from the back section.

“It was just sitting there, as if it was looking around”. Mr ‘M’ thought it must be a helicopter, so he wound down his window to get a better look. He was amazed that there was no sound coming from the object.

“It was so close … as big as a basketball held at arm's length”. Mr ‘M’ had stopped at the intersection and thought other cars must be stopped to look. But when he looked around him, there were no other cars on the road.

After two or three minutes he got the strange feeling that they could see him and were watching him. So he started to drive on. When he took another look, the object had suddenly disappeared.

While I was talking with Mr ‘M’, he realised that it was strange that there were no other cars on the road during his sighting. At 6.00pm the Great western Highway is usually very busy.


Report emailed by witness:

Leura (summer - date unknown)I was at a client’s house at about 5:30pm on the corner of Leura mall and Olympian drive. Their yard backed down into the Jamison valley. I went out back to check the lawn length and noticed above Narrow Neck plateau signal tower to the south, a bright light. At first I thought it to be a light on the tower top and wondered why it would be turned on in broad daylight, an emergency drill perhaps? Then it lifted above the tower what looked from my distance away to be around 20 meters above it. I then assumed it was maybe a chopper but it seemed to smooth for chopper movement plus the light direction did not deviate one way or the other.

Then things got weird. The backdrop to this light coming from the southwest was a very fast forming electrical storm, which was gathering over the ridge. I didn't pay much attention to this at first except that it looked pretty cool. Next minute, 'the light' became so bright that even with the daylight I squinted a little at its brightness. It then dimmed back down all of a sudden to almost a pin light. If memory serves me this happened three times and at the end of the third dimming phase something happened I swear on my life to be true and would be happy even to take a lie detector test on. From the black and bellowing clouds, which now hung right above the light, came a thunder-less bolt of lightning, which seemed to touch down on the tower top. The thing was that the bolt was not a flash it was fixed for maybe 4 or 5 seconds before disappearing, as if I watched it in slow motion.

After this the light turn bright again, but only about half as bright as before, and starts to head upward slowly on a kind of arc westward as another light starts to come down out of the cloud. I guess they kind of met up and the first light then took off upward at high speed. The second light hovered for a bit and then took off also, not a great speed though.


Katoomba - At 10.00pm on Friday 15 May, 'K' arrived back home from shopping. She parked her car in the street and as she got out of the car, she saw something directly overhead above her house. She saw an object, ovular in shape. It was ¾ the length of her roof. Shortly afterward, another appeared. They were just hovering and it was quite a windy night, so there was no chance of them being balloons or blimps. They glowed like a collection of small lights inside one large glowing object. These objects then began to rotate – at times in unison – almost as if they were putting on a show of some kind including ‘dipping’ one edge and then the other.

After what seemed like 5-10 minutes of this, the smaller of the two objects:

“Cruised away in the direction of Mt. Victoria and then returned. It did this twice during the 45-minutes I watched them. I knew people who lived in that area, so I rang them. Those people went out and saw this smaller object moving toward and away from them in the same manner that I did.”

During this time, the witness had gone inside for a video camera and began filming the pair. The objects moved slowly and against the wind. Across the road was a restaurant. She went and alerted patrons who all stood outside watching this event as if they were an intended audience, there were 15 witnesses in all.

The objects eventually moved away in unison toward Mt. Victoria until lost to the horizon over rooftops. When 'K' tried to view her footage, she was shocked to find that not only was there no images of the objects, but there was no image at all; nothing but static.



On 29th October 2006 an assessor at a development site near Wentworth Falls was taking random photos of the area, including images of hazardous overhead powerlines. When we examined the pictures he took he was shocked to find that one of the images contained an object of unknown origin.

This incredible photo was taken towards the eastern horizon, making the unknown in the approximate area of MacMahons Lookout where a number of UFOs had been reported over the years.

The object is clearly cylindrical in shape, containing a number of unknown artifacts on its upper surface. A closer analysis of the image shows that the object is partially in a fine mist of atmospheric haze making it considerable distance from the observer. It is therefore safe to assume that the unknown is of significant proportions.

On 9th April 2007, around 7.00am T. Keating was doing a paper run around Blackheath when he decided to take a number of random shots with his digital camera of the Grose Valley from Govetts Leap. Nothing unusual was noticed at the time. It wasn’t until he viewed the images on his PC that he discovered a silver spherical anomaly. Natural occurring plasma or perhaps evidence of superior technology?

These next images make up an impressive collection from Mr. T. Keating. Again taken from Blackheath shortly after the previous encounter (precise date uncertain) looking towards Richmond. The image displays four trailing lights including a much smaller, less luminous fifth light above the cluster.

Could they be flares?

According to the witness, the group of lights maintained altitude.

Could they be a small group of conventional or military aircrafts?

Looking at the close proximity between individual lights (the main three), one could assume an unlikely scenario but not an improbable one.


On the 17th of March, a school teacher was walking her dogs along the shore of Lake Wallace near Lithgow. It was 6am in the morning and still dark enough to see the stars. She saw what she thought was a shooting star, but it suddenly stopped and made a right hand turn. She described the object as very high in altitude travelling south and suddenly turning west.

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