Kalgoorlie WA 1981. Witness Describes the encounter: It was about 27 yrs ago, sorry. We were on a family holiday. We just left Kalgoorlie, WA, heading for Leonora. We stopped for a toilet break. Dad saw a satellite in the sky and pointed it out to us. Then a star-sized light caught up to it and followed it. For a couple of minutes. All of a sudden, the light took off in the opposite direction. Fast. It was gone in about 2 seconds.

16th June 2006 at 4:50am. Witness Describes the encounter: We were camping at a caravan park south of Alice Springs, and were up early to go and have a stall at the Sunday market. The Sun had not risen, but the sky was light, when suddenly I noticed two very bright white lights, fairly close together, travelling from the south. They came over the ridge, where on cloudy nights there was some reflected light from Pine Gap which was on the other side so we knew the location. I shouted to my friend, to look, and had enough time to plunge into my tent, scrabble in the dark for my camera, and race out, take a long shot, and then put the camera on zoom and take another, which only managed to get one light. When I came home and put the picture on the big screen, I could just make out in the photo the two round metallic looking spheres.

GOLD COAST, QLD - 2009 At approximately 2300 hours on the 12th April 2009, I went outside onto my verandah to have the last ciggie for the evening, when I caught sight of what I first thought was a plane, as Coolangatta airport is only a few kilometres from where I live on the Gold Coast. But I then noticed that the 2 orange lights were not moving - they were sitting totally still for a good 10 minutes. My eyes were fixated on them and it was a perfectly clear sky. At that time, my 15-year-old son arrived home with two of his friends. I yelled for them to come out and have a quick look. They stood and watched and asked me how long had the lights had been there for, and I told them that it had been at least 10 minutes. When my son and his mates then said they were going to go out onto the street to have another look, with that the 2 lights started to move to the right across the sky. The kids were yelling out to me from downstairs, asking, "Can you see them? They just moved!" I then went downstairs myself onto the street to have a look because I could no longer see the bright orange lights from where I was. Just as I got out onto the street, the 2 lights took off at such a speed to the right of us - no plane or helicopter could fly that fast and be totally silent. We all then went upstairs and had a chat about what we had just seen. The next morning, a couple who live about 2 kilometres away from me were telling me they had seen the same thing, however their time slot was not the same as ours; theirs was approximately 1.00 am, 2 hours after our experience.

PERTH, WA – 2008 It was the 1st December 2008 at approximately 2200 hours when I noticed 3 orange lights in the sky. 2 of the lights appeared to come down fast, leaving an orange arc in the sky for 1 to 2 seconds. The light that stayed there hovered for around 4 or 5 minutes before moving off. I managed to get a picture of the lone light, but it’s very small. It was a partly cloudy night, but I had a good view of the lights. When they moved, I heard no sound associated with the objects.

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