Laszlo Novak was your average ‘run of the mill’ fellow who lived in South-western Sydney. He held no particular interest in anything at all, other than occasionally working on motor vehicles. Then one night , that all changed.

On 5th June 1999, Laszlo invited some friends over for dinner. Around 9.00pm the visiting couple decided to call it a night. As Laszlo and his wife accompanied the couple to their vehicle, they suddenly became aware of three bright, star-like objects hovering in a vertical formation, just below the cloud barrier above the Novak residence. Laszlo immediately ran inside to grab his video camera. When he returned the objects had arranged themselves in a triangular formation.

Laszlo alerted neighbours to witness the encounter. Eventually the objects disappeared while maintaining their formation. At this point it's unknown exactly how long these objects had been hovering there before the Novak family became aware of the aerial presence. What we do know is that a five-minute video footage was obtained of the event.

At approximately 10.20pm Laszlo decided to investigate the night sky after his remarkable Close Encounter of the First Kind. According to his testimony, Laszlo noticed that the local neighbourhood was vibrant with activity - motor vehicles coming and going, people talking and laughing, dogs barking. But that all came to a sudden end when a sonic explosion resonated the entire neighbourhood. Everything went silent. Then, just above a row of homes towards the east, Laszlo sighted three disc-like objects, slowly cruising south in total silence.

Immediately Laszlo ran towards the triad of objects. He noticed that two had continued south and became stationary some distance away. One of the objects, however, remained stationary above the residential area. Despite attempting to record the event the video camera failed to capture any sound or image. Distressed and awe struck Laszlo began to panic and attempted everything within his abilities to enable his video camera to function. Regardless of his efforts, the camera remained inoperative.

Five minutes into the encounter a motor vehicle unexpectedly appeared heading from the northeast towards Laszlo's direction. The vehicle contained a couple, their daughter and a visiting relative from South Africa. Laszlo attempted to stop the vehicle with great commotion. In the dark mistaking the video camera for a weapon they were concerned that Laszlo may have been armed, and the family decided to carry on. But as the driver of the vehicle glanced into his review mirror he noticed the unidentified object hovering above a distressed Laszlo.

The family turned back and joined Laszlo. Their experience defied all logical explanations.

The object was described to be the size of a car tyre at arms length, with the characteristics of two saucers placed together or "doughnut shape". Its brilliant orange illumination was bright enough to enable Laszlo to later give a detailed report of the structure. The surrounding edge of the object was dull and apparent port hole-like formations were evident. On the top of this remarkable object was a pulsating red light. What was even more remarkable was the rotating under section, similar to that of a CD disc but with holes around its edge. The very centre of this under section was dark and featureless.

It is believed that this large craft hovered silently for a short period of time (approximately 5 - 10 minutes) before slowly making its way towards the other two stationary objects that seemed to be waiting in the distance. As the main object closed in on the other two, they took a triangular formation and remained there for a few seconds. Suddenly Laszlo's video camera became fully operational. He attempted to capture the disappearing object on video. Unfortunately, due to shock Laszlo's hand was unstable and was only able to record a few streaks of light produced by the disappearing object.

The remaining few seconds gave a display that even the witnesses found hard to accept. The stationary "unknowns" remained in a triangular formation for a few seconds. Then all three seemed to coalesce and form as one large object. The second witness (driver) clearly described what happened next:

“As they became one, it shot up and disappeared!”

Shaken by what they had witnessed, the family returned to the vehicle to drive home. As they travelled down the road (approximately 300 meters), the driver noticed a black hand bag resting in the middle of the road. He stopped to investigate and found that the bag belonged to the relative from South Africa. How it got there remained a mystery for almost 12 months.

After the event Laszlo remained traumatised for unknown reasons. Eventually in the following year, Laszlo endeavoured to find help for his condition and to understand why he was in such a state.

Hypnotherapist Franklin Wilks placed Laszlo under hypnosis to find the source of his trauma. It was uncovered that a large portion of his memory of the 5th June encounter was suppressed. The outcome of the hypnosis suggested that Laszlo was in fact taken on board an alien craft and was subject to various medical examinations by the use of an unknown apparatus. Furthermore, Laszlo had noticed a second human subject in the craft. He also made note of a black hand bag, its contents being studied by non human biological entities.

The entities were described as the classic greys with the usual large almond shape eyes and spindly physical characteristics. In total four of these entities were present during Laszlo's physical examination.

A study of this Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind reveals certain elements that corroborate Laszlo's recollection of his abduction experience:

Although Laszlo's video camera captured no sound or images, the unit did record an hour of nothing. Under hypnosis Laszlo relived every step of the abduction. The hypnotic session of his abduction (which was recorded on video) lasted an hour.

The black hand bag was noticed by Laszlo in the alleged alien craft therefore gives reason to why it was discovered some 300 meters from the actual site of observation.

It is possible that at least one of the family members in the motor vehicle was abducted, hence the recollection of a second subject in the craft.

It is under suspicion that the abduction was conducted before the family approached Laszlo. Interviewing the family, we learnt that they were originally travelling on a parallel road to where Laszlo was standing approximately 25 - 45 degrees from the craft. That makes the "unknown" positioned between the two roads, which are divided by a row of houses and a reserve. It is possible that both the motor vehicle and Laszlo were intercepted at the same time.

One of the family members were particularly traumatised by the encounter.

Laszlo's experience didn't end on 5th June, 1999. On the 26th June, 1999 Laszlo woke early to prepare for a trip up north. At 4.00 am he went outside to run the engine of his vehicle when he was suddenly startled by a large object hovering above the Campbelltown region. Again he ran inside to grab his humble camera and this time managed to record the event without fail.

The object seemed to be rotating silently above the south-eastern horizon. An independent analysis suggests that the object was possibly triangular or boomerang in shape. The size, measured accordingly to landmarks, was said to cover an area equivalent to the size of a football field.

This image is a recreation

This image is a recreation

This image is a recreation

Laszlo's extraordinary story became wide spread and appeared nationally as well as internationally.

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