Sydney's Northern Beaches & Central Coast UFO Encounters Data Base

Sydney's Northern Beaches (including the Central Coast) is a well known Hot spot for UFO sightings. In 2001 a project was initiated to document historical and current UFO activities in Sydney's Northern Beaches and the Central Coast. The project will collect data from information contributed by the public. This database is a result of that collection.

The project is time consuming as it involves interviews and prospecting for information. Therefore we encourage the public to submit reports of their own encounters from the Northern Beaches and Central Coast. Report Sightings

As far as we know, this catalogue is the only one dedicated as a database specifically for the Northern Beaches and Central Coast UFO activities. This growing database will be available on our website for your information. Please note that only selected cases will be displayed.

Ever since the 2001 'UFO flap' (an outburst of UFO activities), RACE has been constantly assessing the area at first hand.

During observations members have witnessed unidentified flying objects submerging and emerging from the ocean, especially within a certain quadrant (covering an area from Long Reef at Collaroy to Allagai Bay). Majority of the sightings reported from the local community seem to originate within this quadrant. There has been speculation about the relationship between these unknown objects and some form of 'underwater' facility. However this is only  speculation.

Project Blue Water is led by the UFO & Paranormal Research Society's President and Senior Researcher Larraine Cilia.

Please note that other reports from the Northern Beaches can be read in Relationship between Clouds, Contrails and UFOs


40 years ago H was living in Dee Why and was at the time attending Technical College. At the time of her sighting, H was walking along Pittwater Rd at 7.00pm on her way to collage. She got an eerie feeling that something or someone was behind her, looking at her. When she turned around to see, she got the shock of her life. Sitting about the height of a telegraph wire was a huge bright UFO. H described it as approximately the size of a car and shaped like a large lemon. She knew immediately that it was not an aeroplane or a helicopter and it was totally silent. For a few seconds H stood there astounded at the sight. After all these years she could never forget the feeling. The streetlights were on and H could see the object sitting in a stationary position quite clearly. There were yellow and green lights running around the object. Then, Helen became very scared and ran in the opposite direction. As she was running Helen turned and looked over her shoulder; but the object was gone. She recounted that she did not see or hear it arrive or depart. Being only 17 years old at the time, she was both amazed and frightened.

H recalls that she had the feeling that it or they were looking at her and it was an experience she has lived with all her life.

She soon found out that when she tried to tell the story to others, they just looked at her as if she was crazy. Not being able to share this experience to anyone, H was more than happy to finally have someone to report it to… someone who was interested and understanding.


This account was personally written by the witness:

The events that I will describe happened in January 1979, the closest Saturday night to the 12th. After a 21st party at Narrabeen, myself and a mate, G, proceeded to the parkland at the lower end of North Curl Curl headland, where we would give the dog a run. The time was between midnight and Our drinking had been minimal all evening, as the real party was to happen away from the birthday person parents home.

Whilst standing in the park at North Curl Curl, corner of Pittwater Road and Surf Road both G and I were basically just looking out to sea, waiting for the dog. At the same time we both yelled out and both our arms went into pointing mode, as we followed a rectangular shaped object pass between two clouds in about 4 or 5 seconds. It was a dull, fluorescent grey, blue in colour. Going by conditions, scattered clouds out to sea, the size of the clouds in question indicated that this object was the size or length or even larger than a battleship.

Whilst we were standing there, it did not emerge from the other side of the cloud or anywhere else that we could see. G, unfortunately, got the "Heeby Geebys" and refused to discuss it and demanded it not be discussed in our social arena, "for obvious reasons".

Our friendship basically finished that night. Neither G nor I have had a track record of attention seeking behaviour or similar. This is the first time it has been mentioned, other than to my father.


S' previous family residence was overlooking Winnerary Bay at Mona Vale. It was while living at that particular address that S and members of his family encountered sightings and strange experiences.

In April 1999, one morning at 3.00am, S was awakened by a bright light shining through the bedroom window. He sat up in bed and looked out. To his amazement he saw a brightly lit up object sitting in a field about 100 metres away. S described it as being round but squared off, with a flat pyramid shaped top. He could discern square shaped windows running along the front of the object and could see shadowy figures inside. S estimated the size of the object to be approximately 8 metres in diameter. From where S was sitting he could make out that the object appeared to be a dark bluish colour, with bright white/yellowy coloured lights around it. There appeared to be a blue glow inside the windows, and the shadowy figures inside were clearly visible.

Both S and his Mother witnessed the object lift up and fly over their house.

The next day they went to investigate in the field where the object was seen and discovered holes in the ground in the same location.

A few months later S' son, who was 10 years old at the time, was asleep in the same bedroom. During the night he came into his father's room and woke him up, crying that he had seen a little person in his room next to his bed. He described this little person as looking like a 'Little Daddy'. S calmed him down, telling him that he probably just had a nightmare and took him back to bed. Incidentally, I recently spoke to S' son, who is now 16 years old and still recounts the experience. He is emphatic that it was not a dream but a real event. He also told me that he remembers it as a frightening episode.

S recounted yet another story which happened in this same bedroom. He was asleep and was awoken by a crackling sound out side the window. He got up and looked out only to be shocked by yet another paranormal event. He described the unusual sighting as a giant sparkler, which was only 4 feet away from the window. As S observed the anomaly, it quickly moved towards him. At this point S paused his account to tell me he would swear on the bible that what he was about to reveal, was true. This sparkling 'energy' passed through the window and through his body. S remembered that as it passed through him he could feel it tingling like electricity and took his breath away. This crackling and sparkling 'energy' continued through the hallway and passed through the opposite wall. S described it as being a round ball shape, floating above the ground. He didn't know what to do and was in two minds whether he should call and report it to the Police. He later decided against it because of the possible implications.


In August 2000 D and his friend A were finishing up their fishing venture at Narrabeen Lake between 2.30 and 3.00am. They were walking alongside the lake when out of nowhere came a 'whooshing' sound. A bright white light suddenly lit up the entire area like daylight. They found themselves standing directly beneath the light source and looking up believing that it was a helicopter. Then, abruptly the bright white light vanished, exposing three tri-armed objects glowing with an orangey brilliance. D told me the colouring and shape was unusual. They could distinguish the shapes as triangular with scoops in between each arm, red, green and blue lights melding together to produce an orangey hue. At first they took them to be 'meteorites', but instantly realised they were purposefully flying in formation. D compared their size to a tennis ball held at arms length and estimated them to be 150 metres above them. D also told me that the object on the farthest right seemed to dip its wing towards them, as if acknowledging them before taking off. As they watched the event, all of the objects tilted simultaneously and accelerated off over the ocean at a low altitude.

D estimated that the whole sighting lasted for approximately 10 seconds. They were both adamant the objects were unlike any airplane or helicopter. Furthermore, they didn't see the source of the brilliant white light at the start of their experience. He likened the bright light to a sparkler effect, which the three objects seemed to appear out of.

The witnesses felt something large above them to start with, but did not see a mothership or shape thereof, but concluded that one big object may have broken into the three smaller ones.

D and A were totally awestruck. The experience brought no fear but on the contrary, they felt honoured to have experienced this encounter together. The outcome was positive, as it has drawn them into a closer friendship.


This report was published in the former UFO Society of Western Sydney Journal 2001 edition:

Over the past two months there seemed to be an array of activities occurring in the Northern Beaches region. A few weeks ago the evening news claimed that a large number of UFO sightings were reported in the north Sydney districts. We were first alerted to the unusual aerial activity when a major sighting from Narrabeen to Cromer was reported earlier last month by dozens of independent witnesses.

On 30th May 2001, Trevor (former member) and I (Attila Kaldy) arranged another night watch at Long Reef, Collaroy. Long Reef was our vantage point and we began setting up at 6:10pm. Among the equipment I had a Saxon 350mm refractor telescope with 24mm and 9mm eyepieces. I also had an old Pentax camera with Kodak 400 film and adaptor. The sky was relatively clear with the occasional cloud. Crescent Moon was about 70 degrees above the western horizon.

Besides the normal commercial air traffic we noticed a number of small meteorites burning through the atmosphere. Then just after 8:00pm the first faint orange orb appeared in the northeast above the ocean. It slowly glided in heading in a westerly direction. It finally stopped at a safe distance from the shore (a cliff somewhere between Newport and Avalon) anywhere between 500 - 1000 meters where it hovered for approximately 60 seconds. I had the refractor aimed directly at the unknown exchanging eyepieces while Trevor observed with a pair of binoculars. Magnified, one could see the bright orange light reflecting on the surface of the water. There would have been no more than a few meters between 'it' and the ocean. Then it began to descend, slowly submerging into the ocean.

Actual images

Yet another similar object appeared in the same region at 8:30pm. This time the old camera was ready and the shutter open to take the much needed photos. Again it seemed to hover, but this time for a few minutes longer. As I inserted a high-powered eyepiece into the telescoped the unknown began to descend towards the ocean, once again submerging. Whatever it was, water presented no hindrance in its performance - it simply cruised away underwater, heading south, then deviating east out into the open ocean.

Just after the sighting ended another encounter began. Suddenly we were aware of a large bright orange light approaching from the east. When I turned the telescope towards it I witnessed an extraordinary encounter with incredible clarity: a tri-armed or winged object with each arm/wing curved up, much like a manta ray or starfish. Under these wings or arms were two vertical lights, parallel to each other (perhaps some form of navigational lights although no fluctuation was apparent). There was also a large orange dome-like feature glowing under its base (hub). The other thing that I noticed was a slight anti-clockwise rotation of the entire structure. It hovered gracefully on a 45 degree angle producing no audible sound.

Needless to say that both Trevor and I were awe struck. Instantly I grabbed my refractor and made pace to the far eastern side of Long Reef to get under 'it' or at least closer to 'it'. As ran I tripped over, falling hard onto my chest and sliding forward a few meters. I immediately scrambled back to my feet and gazed up ... it was still there.

As I ran to the eastern side of Long Reef, the object simply launched off and in an instant it settled down kilometers from the shore, just above the ocean. It now appeared as a brilliant orange light with a bright halo around it.

I ran back to collect Trevor, leaving most of our equipment at the original site. Just then we were greeted by a number of helicopters. They simply appeared from nowhere and began scanning the coast line of Collaroy. The strange thing about this incident was that we heard the rotor blades, we saw the search lights, but we didn't the helicopters. Furthermore there was no other air traffic around.

When these helicopters finally disappeared, the commercial air traffic seemed to resume. The arriving planes from the east appeared to be circling the object, now in the horizon, and some even seemed to change flight paths as if deliberately avoiding it. Unfortunately we didn't have a scanner at the time.

While observing this unidentified craft, we noticed bright streams of light discharging from the unknown into the clouds. Furthermore the UFO seemed to receive similar light pulses from an unknown altitude.

Eventually rain clouds swept in and our observing time came to an end.

Artist recreation by Ston 3D


The UFO Society of Western Sydney organized another night survey at Sydney's northern beaches on 16th October 2001. Our members were divided into two groups. Group one was based at Long Reef Collaroy while group two at Bangalley Head.

The purpose of the two groups was to triangulate and cover a larger region.

At 9.00pm, group two was the first to sight an unidentified flying object hovering NNW above the central coast at approximately 15-20 degrees between Ocean Beach and Box Head. The unknown appeared red and pulsating. It remained stationary for approximately 3-5 minutes before gradually moving NE.

Then at 9.30pm, both groups witnessed a bright orange orb ascend from the east, out of the ocean. It first appeared approximately 5 degrees above the horizon as a dull light. With in seconds it brightened up intensively and accelerated through a cloud barrier. Attempting to record the event, none of the two video cameras functioned during the sighting!

The weather was cloudy with the occasional thunderstorm and rain.


Another team (UFO Society of Western Sydney) was assembled at The Serpentine look out Bilgola on 12th November 2001. Trevor, Lloyd, my wife Andrea and myself along with two members from UFO Research of NSW, Mark and Elizabeth were present.

Around 8.00pm, a bright star appeared approximately 20-30 degrees east above the horizon. Lloyd and I assumed that it to be Canopus. Shortly a small cloud went in transit and covered the 'star' for a few seconds. When the cloud passed there was no sign of the 'star'. No conventional aircrafts were present at the time.

Then, between 9.15pm and 9.30pm a red star like object appeared north above what seemed to be Bangalley head. I aimed my 6 inch refractor with 24mm eyepiece at the object. The unknown was above the headland and there appeared to be not one but two orange/red orbs side by side. The unknowns hovered in the same position for over a minute. My wife was peering through the telescope and observing the unknowns before they disappeared. She said, "When I blinked, they were already gone". . (Attila Kaldy)


On 5th February at 11.36pm, J was reading a book from his second floor unit in Pymble when a flash distracted him. As he glanced out the window he noticed a large, red orb descending from Mona Vale Road Pymble towards St Ives (north-east). J states that the unknown was descending from a cloud barrier at an approximate 20-30 degree angle, traveling at a comparable speed similar to that of a light aircraft.

The evening was cloudy and very little traffic was noticed on an otherwise busy road.

J watched the unknown for approximately 8 seconds before it disappeared behind a distant trees line (possibly in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase national park).

No noise or trailing was associated with the anomaly.


On 12th April 2002, S was observing satellites from his back yard in Forestville while having a quiet smoke. Around 11.30pm he noticed an unusual aircraft heading from north to south, directly over his residence. Even though the sighting only lasted 3-4 seconds, he was able to get a good view of this extraordinary aircraft. S said, "I first though it was an airplane, but when it got closer I knew it wasn't". According to S' testimony, this so called 'flying-wing' passed overhead without sound at what appeared to be at low altitude. "It traveled consistently, like a normal aircraft. It had no other illumination (strobe or navigation lights) other than a few elongated dim lights at the front of the wing." S also added that he was able to see the dark structure with the aid of these unusual lights (pale white).

S mentioned that they don't live near a fight path and to see something like this was amazing.

I asked him about his line of sight at the time. He estimated that some hills towards the north would have been around 3-4 kilometres and the outlook towards the south was limited because of obstructing trees (a few hundred metres from the residence).

I told the witness that it is quiet possible that the aircraft may have been launched from an RAAF base and that the craft 'could' have been some form of stealth technology.

S spoke of some unusual things that occurred over the years. Because he is a ranger, he spends most of his time in the great outdoors. He told me about some strange circular clearings in the bush near West Head.


Saturday 26th April, a small group of night watchers from the UFO Society of Western Sydney gathered at the Serpentine Look out. The evening was quite pleasant, although we did have a few sailing rain clouds, some of them quite peculiar in formation.

Then around 8.30pm a very bright star-like object or SLO appeared around 30-40 degrees east-southeast. Below was a tanker slowly cruising towards the central coast.

The SLO remained stationary for around 3-5 minutes. With a sudden move it disappeared into a clearing between clouds. A thin band of mist then started to move in and I viewed the area with the binoculars. From behind the band I saw a bright explosive glare.

About an hour later, the scanner picked up a conversation between Air Traffic Control and an approaching aircraft. The conversation went something like this: Aircraft-… air space?

ATC- ah… there should be nothing within a 3-mile radius?

Now this could mean nothing. Perhaps they were confirming that the coast was clear for approach… or did they pick up something that should not have been there?

Just after the conversation between ATC, a small bright object appeared towards the west, just above the waterline. It gave colours of red and white and cruised very, very slowly. And then like it's predecessor, it accelerated towards the atmosphere.


Two fishermen claim to have been terrorised by a UFO whilst on a fishing trip in the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park area. Saturday night 2nd August M and J embarked on a fishing trip in an area they have been many times before. They boated down the Hawkesbury River and into Cowan Creek deep into the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park. They dropped anchor at a favourite spot and began fishing. It was a cold night and no other boats were around… they were totally alone. It was pitch black and they were surrounded by high ridges. The mist was beginning to gather. M thinks it was around 3.00am Sunday morning when their experience started. Suddenly the mountain to the east lit up like daylight. So bright was this light that they could see the leaves on the trees. M likened it to a camera flash that lasted 2 or 3 seconds.

They were still wondering what caused it 20 minutes later. Then over the eastern ridge appeared a big beautiful light. M said whatever it was it just sat there hovering in the sky about 400 to 500 metres from their boat. He said the light was too bright to make out any shape or structure, but the brightness appeared twice as big as a chopper and totally silent. They were mesmerised by this sight. M said that he got the impression that there were different coloured lights emanating from the object, all melting together to give a gold and orange glow. The object just sat there hovering up and down and side-to-side as if watching them. After their initial fascination they began to get scared when they realised their predicament. Here they were on a boat, alone, in the middle of nowhere. They suddenly realised how totally quiet it was and they both tried to use their mobile phones. Distressed they realised that neither of their phones were working. Becoming more uncomfortable they decided to make a run for it and pulled up anchor and started the boat.

M said the object immediately went 'berserk', zapping from ridge to ridge like lightening and hovering in front of them. The two fishermen were horrified: the more they tried to get away from this object the more agitated it became. It followed them. When they stopped it stopped, when they run for it, it followed and vehemently accelerated from ridge to ridge. M said it continued to terrorise them for maybe 2 or 3 hours. He wasn't sure exactly how long because their watches had also stopped. It finally streaked away like a falling star back behind the eastern ridge and the fishermen were left shaken and shrouded in the mist and darkness.

M told me he got the feeling that the occupants of the craft wanted them to stay still while they analysed them, just like we do with animals in the zoo. Whatever it was it changed their lives forever.


A lady called J from Mona Vale reported this encounter. Apparently her home is situated on a high aspect, giving some views towards the ocean. On 16th March, around 8.45pm J noticed a large, bright orange orb heading from the west towards the east (the ocean) traveling just above rooftops with incredible velocity. J was quite certain that what she had seen was not a fireball or any form of conventional aircraft (traveling silently). The object left no evidence of contrails or left any form of debris. The on 17th at 4.45am J woke up early to visit the bathroom. She then returned to bed. It was still dark outside and she had a good perspective from her bedroom window looking towards the ocean (east). She closed her eyes for a moment and then a strong light glared through her eyelids. Light flooded her bedroom. Her husband was still asleep but J was now wide-awake. Shocked, she glanced out the window and sighted a bright orange orb traveling from the south to the north above the ocean, again with incredible speed.


On 16th June around 2.00pm a surfer from Palm Beach sighted a disc-shape craft hovering approximately 45 degrees from the eastern horizon. Steve, the witness, said that the object had a metallic 'sheen' to its surface. The sky at the time was clear with no visible clouds in site. S said that for around ten seconds he remained speechless. Finally the object just seemed to 'dematerialise' into thin air.


Report emailed by witness:

During the winter months I saw, on a number of occasions, a bright light, which when viewed through binoculars was a long metal object in the sky. It was on a fine clear, sunny day. I live on the Northern Beaches and would spot it from Mona Vale and Collaroy, it would always be between the sun and the land never over the water and seemed to stay for a few minutes and would just fade away. I always got someone to watch with me at work and when I spotted it on a weekend my partner saw it as well. In the earlier months it would appear at around 10:40am then as winter progressed it would appear around 11:20am. I have not seen it for a few weeks but I just assumed it was a weather balloon or something and the weather has been a little cloudy


Cromer on 18th April at 10.20pm, a 15-year old girl was walking home when a UFO appeared hovering above her within close proximity. The object was described as triangular in shape, but each angle extended out like that of a starfish. Not knowing what to expect the girl ran for her life in a state of terror. Arriving home she informed her family of the encounter but by the time they went outside to assess the situation, the UFO had already disappeared.


Report emailed by witness:

I have had several visual sightings over the Long Reef/Collaroy in last 8 months. The first I won't ever forget. This first initial experience was like no other, a huge gold/orange pulsating object passed over Long Reef head within maybe up to 1km of land or less. This object reappeared although more stationary then vanished. It was 8tish pm. There were brief sightings after that, one during late afternoon twilight which seemed to leave a orange light tail, another was when a object very dark in colour transported from one cloud to another without exiting from the other.

More recently, approximately 5th March I observed the same gold/orange pulsating object off Long Reef. This object’s trajectory was left to right a couple of times and then right to left likewise, all at different distances and altitude.

This morning (25th March) at 10:35am I decided to go outside and take some stills with the Sony of some local aircraft to get a feel for its ability and zoom functions. To my surprise when viewed on my PC there was something extra in front, below a plane.

(above) Actual image


Taree: At approximately 10.00pm on the night of Saturday, 22nd August, P was outside on his rural property when he noticed a bright orange light quite low on the horizon. It was traveling North from South and its brightness caught P's eye. As he was watching it, it stopped motionless in the sky. Over the next nine minutes, three more of these orange lights joined the first light at three-minute intervals. The four objects sat together hovering in the sky. P thought this was something very strange as he lives on the flight path and is used to seeing aircraft pass over the sky, but nothing quite like this. At this point, he called his wife to come outside who also thought that it was an unusual enough sighting to wake a third member of the household.

The three witnesses viewed the objects hovering for quite some time. They reported them as being constant in colour, no flashing lights and no noise. It was a clear quiet night with no wind.

P's wife estimated the size of the objects to be as large as a five-cent coin held at arms length. At approximately 10:50 pm, two of the objects 'peeled off', slowly gathering speed and disappeared in an easterly direction "faster than any aircraft". The remaining two objects shot straight over the witnesses' heads traveling north at similarly outrageous speeds. P remarked on the way in which the pairs left the area stating that "they were definitely moving in formation". P's wife reported that the cattle and the dogs on the property were going berserk. The animals seemed to be really upset whilst the objects were in the area. The witnesses were totally amazed at what they had seen; so much so, they have watched the sky at the same times of night in the hope of seeing them again."


Witness rang from Lake Macquarie to report a Gold illuminated, pulsing light from about a week earlier. "It was a Saturday night on 3rd September about 8:30 - 9:00pm. The sighting lasted between 5 - 10 mins." Looking towards the West, Mr S saw this object move right to left, stopping at times and twirling around. He described the light effect as a slow strobing; no noise was heard at all. It was a starry night, clear of clouds. The object was low on the horizon. No optical instruments were used. He has lived there almost four years.

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