Because of the impressive findings during the 2005 Blue Mountains expedition, we decided to return on 15th September 2006 with a five crew team.

The nights were relatively clear, although heavy mist did roll in between 3.00 - 4.00am, making visibility impossible.

Most of the unusual aerial activity occurred on the first night. At around 8.30pm we noticed two trailing 'satellites' at an equal distance, heading south-southeast. At one point the unknowns separated - the second one seemed to slow down (diverge), and then stop momentarily as if deliberately increasing distance from its counterpart. We lost sight of them one by one as they approached the horizon.

Around 9.15pm a bight object emerged from a distant gorge (southwest) and then appeared to zigzag between mountains. The unknown then vanished and reappeared on the opposite side of a remote valley (south) for a few seconds before disappearing once again. Then at 9.30pm we witnessed a bright red light, much closer this time, and again in the opposite direction (southwest), hovering above the valley. Within five minutes it began to gradually cruise parallel with the valley, heading towards the south. As it reached the end of the valley (south) it stopped and hovered for a moment before repeating its course back towards the southwest. When reaching the far end of the south-western side of the valley it again hovered momentarily before heading back on its original path (south). We noted that when the unknown came to a midair stop, the object increased in luminosity, only to dim as it was gaining momentum.

Once reaching the far southern side, the unknown stopped again. It then travelled back approximately 1/10 of its original south-western route, stopped as the final commercial airflight passed. This time the unknown began on a different course - heading east on a 45-degree angle and gaining altitude. As it rose into the atmosphere we lost sight of it among the stars. We are uncertain whether it became stationary (or took geostationary orbit), dull or simply disappeared.

During the encounter, Kellie studied the readings on both the EMF meter and Geiger counter. Due to the distance between us and the unknown, none of the measuring devices registered any abnormal readings (other than the occasional infiltrating cosmic radiation).

There were many other peculiarities noted during our investigations. Here are three other main points of interest:

On 18th September at 3.00am a distant and highly luminous object appeared just above the valley (at the same region as the 15th September encounter). We could clearly make out a series of other lights rotating around the primary source. The sighing came to an abrupt end as the unknown simply vanished. The approaching mist from the southwest may have acted as a form of cover … we are uncertain.

It is apparent that the isolation of the Blue Mountains lends itself to many unusual activities. Whether it is experimental (newly developed or back engineered technology) or something a little more extraordinary is yet to be determined.

(Left) This unusual ring-cloud formation was recorded using and IR filter on the first day around 4.30pm. Without the IR filter, the formation was otherwise undetectable.

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