1st April 2005 - Just after dawn we began across a ridge near the Megalong Valley. The fire trail we came to was mostly down hill. After covering a number of kilometres we had to deviate off the track and head through the scrub towards the Coxes River. It was a 150-metre, 45-degree descent to the river. Once there we were instantly greeted by a goanna and a 5 foot black snake. Obviously the warm weather had brought them out.

We crossed the river at a point where it was only about a meter deep. Any deeper and the current would have been too strong to cross. After we made it through, we made our own tracks along the riverbank in an easterly direction. Finally 'the mountain' we were searching for came into our view. Sitting just under 600 meters, a strenuous climb was now awaiting us.

A quick lunch with no moment to spare we began our first ascend. It took us 5 extreme hours to reach the top. You can say that we climbed this mountain twice: first we carried our panniers up then we had to go back for our bikes. Frank helped me out to a great extent because the way I was going it would have been pitch black by the time we reached the summit. It doesn't pay off to overload!

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