The sun had set and we were running out of time. Even though Frank had a satellite phone, it was to our advantage that there was mobile phone reception at the summit. Strange because the nearest tower was quite a distance away. After we made our phone calls, we raced through the dark to find our designated base camp. Between five and ten kilometres later we finally set up camp in the bush.

The following day we found a lookout above the Kowmung River. The view of the surrounding panorama was very impressive. Considering the density of the bushland, we both agreed that this was the best vantage point within the given area. Here we began our area assessment. After our survey it appeared that we had not discovered anything out of the ordinary. That assumption, however, was not entirely accurate.

Frank decided to take random shots of the landscape as part of our documentation process. After processing the images, we found that three photos had captured a triad of unknown crafts travelling from the south and heading east towards the far end of the Jamison Valley in a triangular formation.

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