Image one with highlighted area of approaching unknowns

The first image shows three faint orbs in the distance. It would be easily dismissed as a development flaw or dust on the lens. However the second image proves otherwise.

Image two clearly displays that the anomalies have travelled a significant distance over a period of a few seconds and are within a closer proximity to the observer. Furthermore, the enhanced images give bona fide evidence of UFOs and indicate that they are most certainly non-conventional in character.

Image three speaks for itself. The triad have travelled further east and appears to be reducing altitude. It seems to be a common phenomenon that small clusters of UFOs travel in a triangular formation for unknown reasons. A prime example is the south-western Sydney encounter with Laszlo Novak

The Novak Encounter which occurred on 5th June 1999.

With all the misfortunes we experienced during our expeditions our perseverance had finally paid off. There is much knowledge to be gained from such ventures, understanding the terrain and the way one should prepare before delving into the unknown. Our efforts have contributed immensely to our future plans. Moreover we have managed to document UFO activity over the Blue Mountains (thanks to Frank) which was one of our main objectives.

The Blue Mountains still remain one of the most mysterious places in Australia. Sure there is some human intervention such as a complete network of coal mining tunnels running underground in the Burragorang Valley and the occasional military training (an ideal environment for our special forces to train in).

The towering rocks, deep valleys and rain forests seem peaceful and undisturbed. But don't let that fool anyone as previous encounters prevail that strange phenomena can lurk anywhere within a vast and dense wilderness such as the Blue Mountains.

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Image two with highlighted area of advancing unknowns

Image three with highlighted area of advancing unknowns

Enlargement from image one

Enlargement from image two

Single enlargement from image two

Enlargement from image three

Single enlargement from image three

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