Jenolan Caves, NSW, 19th

January, 2010

I was in the front passenger seat, as my husband was driving the car from Jenolan Caves heading towards the Blue Mountains. The place where I'd spotted this UFO was less than 5 km from Jenolan Caves. I was sightseeing from the car and suddenly, this shiny, silver, dome-shaped flying object in the sky caught my attention. I was trying to figure out if it was a balloon or some flying toys and I was not able to connect the UFO with anything that I’m aware of. I was trying to show the

object to my husband, as he could not get a good view of it. The object disappeared moving forward from where it was flying. It was a clear sky.

Yerranderie, NSW

I would like to clarify from the start that I am not crazy. I have a degree in medical science and have my own business. Last weekend I took my partner and my daughter to Yerranderie for a 4WD getaway and travelled from Mittagong to Yerranderie via Wombeyan Caves. On Saturday night 12/12/09, we found ourselves around the campfire behind the old bank/museum area. The sky was magnificent!! My 12-year-old daughter was asking questions about shooting stars, satellites etc, and having a background in astronomy, I was showing her some formations (i.e. the saucepan which we renamed the shopping trolley!) We also witnessed a couple of satellites, shooting stars and a jet overhead. It was around 11

pm on that evening when I observed a satellite traversing the night sky and directly beneath it and forward to it was an object with 2 lights of the same luminosity and size as that of the satellite, but separated with a distinct grey shaft (i.e. dumbbell shape) travelling in unison. I was amazed, as I have never seen any thing like this separated, I would imagine from my perspective on the ground, by kilometres. I followed the two objects for about 3 seconds, then to my amazement the dumbbell object stopped in mid-air and shifted to be directly underneath the

satellite. Then they both faded and disappeared due to setting sun no longer supporting reflected light. My daughter was in the tent and my partner was brushing her teeth, so I was the only witness - typical! I’m an atheist and was never convinced about UFO’s until I read about Professor John Mack, the Westall sighting in 1960’s Victoria, and my

stepfather, who has spent thousands of hours in the sky as an air force pilot retelling me stories. My belief was starting to wane until that night.

- ‘L’

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