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On 14th February a couple went for a stroll down Mona Vale beach. Just before 11.00pm the couple noticed a small star-like object (SLO) in an easterly direction (above the ocean) pulsating at approximately 45-degrees above the horizon. The SLO then began to shift erratically - moving forwards then backwards, ascending and descending in spiral movements. Initially the couple thought it was a satellite, but the impressive aerial acrobatics soon ruled that out.

Between 11.00 - 11.02pm another unusual phenomenon appeared in the sky. According to witness testimony, the phenomenon appeared like a circular electronic discharge or as the witness described it 'like a human body nervous system'. It seemed to loose and then regain luminosity in continuous cycles. The report then tells us that this electronic discharge changed direction and appeared as dome shaped.

Between 11.03 and 11.04pm the couple decided to run under a street lamp in fear of their safety as the phenomenon appeared to get closer to them. The reportee writes:

"Once we reached the road again it appeared larger but out to sea rather than in the sky at approximately one o'clock position. It then appeared as a set of headlamps, pulsating purple light behind it. Then the circle pulsated around it again (the electric ring can be likened to those static globes). It then appeared as a set of three lights and shifted left across the water approx 10-20km out to sea. At 11:05pm we get in car and drove away."


2nd March - Apple Tree Glen is a remote outpost located between Coffs Harbour and Kempsey. On the night in question, around 8:30 - 9:00pm, B's 12 year-old son went outside to feed the dog. After a few minutes, he raced inside to get his mother to come and see something outside. Whilst she didn't see the object he spoke of, he was able to deliver the following story after a short conversation wherein his mother was determined that her son had seen something strange. Her son was behaving both genuinely and in an excited state. When he had calmed enough, she was able to call us and relate the following from her son's exacting descriptions.

"His attention was drawn to this 'thing' flying around in the sky. He described something so big that it covered the Southern Cross constellation. He described seeing bright, flashing and different coloured lights - orange, red and blue. He watched it for a couple of minutes as it moved around in the sky. As he watched, the object stopped and hovered three times. As it hovered it flashed white, like a camera flash. It then took off really fast to the North," she said.

B's son is able to recognise the Southern Cross constellation. She is adamant that her son is not prone to figments of imagination and that he was visibly affected by what he had seen which convinces her that this was indeed a real event.


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Berkeley Vale, Central Coast - June 2007 at 10.30pm: L was outside getting into her car, when she noticed what she first described as "something coming down from the sky". After questioning her she then went on to describe an object, which came from the East over the water as a ball of light entering the atmosphere. It came down on an angle, stopped still and then went straight back up. All of this happened so quickly that even though she called out to others, nobody else saw it and none believed her story. She said it was orange in colour, made no sound and its size was comparable to that of Venus in the sky.


A little after 6 pm, B had stepped out into his Gosford back yard on or about the 10th June 2007, to look at the sky - something he often does. He looked up into a clear sky and was able to catch sight of something he does not always get a chance to see - a satellite. As he watched the satellite slowly slip across the sky, he saw that it was about to cross an area below a pair of stars in the background.

"As the satellite passed by, one of these so called stars dropped down and took a sharp left and tracked the satellite!"

Although the original object was indeed a satellite as best as can be made out with the unaided eye, the second was obviously not a satellite or a star.

From then on, B lost sight of the pair after only 5 or 6 seconds.


November 2007 - Flap confirmed over eastern seaboard, primarily concentrated around the Central Coast. Current reports indicate anomalous lights performing sudden & erratic maneuvers. Reports are also arriving from inland Central Coast regions.


At approximately 8:10 pm on Tuesday night 20 November 2007, whilst attending an under age football match on the Wallsend playing fields outside of Newcastle, a woman spectator happened to look away from the match play in time to see an object flying low and horizontal at high speed and without sound of any kind. This object, she declared, was traveling towards the South-West at such a speed that it was only visible for around 4 to 5 seconds before losing sight of it behind low hills in the foreground. She described the object as a circular craft on edge. She detailed that the object had a glowing ring around it and that she could still see the central portion jutting out - "the middle was a kind of metallic grey, reflecting sunset-like rays so I was sure that it wasn't a meteorite. It had no tail and left no trail in the sky behind it. If you had a dinner plate on edge and turned it just a little, you would know it was circular. That's what this was like", she described. The lady could not be sure about distance and therefore not sure of size either, but said that she had her husband drive the pair of them in the direction of flight as she was sure that it must have been close. Her best estimates were that it must have been at least 2 Kilometres, perhaps more.

This one description was later corroborated as the caller listened to the radio broadcasts that night. Several callers to the radio station declared having seen a very similar object at the same time but they were calling from as far away as Coonabarabran and the Copeland Dam and Gunnedah back to Beresfield. The caller rang the radio station herself to make her report and also tried the RAAF. The reason was that one of the serving personnel at RAAF Williamtown, who was in possession of knowledge of activity at the airbase, was on his way home when he also made the sighting and said on air that he could not consider it to be part of anything from the airfield. In each case, the witnesses who reported it described similar details to this particular witness - and all at the same time. The next morning, during a round of golf, her husband was informed by playing partners that there had also been a number of calls to the ABC about the same instance during the morning broadcasts.


Report emailed by witness:

Kariong, Saturday 12th January 2008 - I was sitting on my lounge on the computer facing south where I can see out a window with a view to the S and SW. I am familiar with the flight path (both civilian and late night military) and star patterns from this view. At approximately 2350hrs I looked up at the TV in the direction of the window and noticed a small, bright orange light in the distance to the SSW. It was too big to be a star or planet, so I passed it off as a firework as I'd heard some earlier. I looked back at the TV but noticed the light was still there, too long to be a firework, plus there was no noise. I looked at it closer, then moved to the window and noticed that at intervals of about 1- second a smaller ball of the same colour dropped away from the main one. It did not fall behind the main light, but rather appeared to keep pace with it, only getting lower in elevation and fading away after about a second, only to be almost immediately replaced by the next.

I appologise if I digress a little, I just wish to express that after seven years of looking out this window I am well aware of what is normal in the sky. I have seen a lot of 'lights' in the sky, both manmade and natural.

Trying to find a 'sensible' explanation I went outside to eliminate the secondary lights as being a reflection on the fly screen or window. Once outside they were still dropping as it slowly moved north, out over the mountains to the SW. A rough estimate would be 2-4km away. This is when I noticed it had become cloudy, forcing me to rule out anything celestial, and it appeared that the clouds were at a level too low for planes to fly under. I thought that maybe the 2nd lights may have been some fancy navigation lights on a plane but there were no wing lights and no reflection in the clouds.

Suddenly and very quickly it moved to the east a short distance and then seemingly without stopping it changed direction to the west, angling about 40 degrees up, disappearing into the clouds.


Report emailed by witness:

22nd September - 5.20am. Travelling over Gladesville Bridge on my way to swimming training which I have done for many years, three mornings a week. I saw to my right looking towards Harbour Bridge in the north Sydney area I saw two glowing objects travelling very fast horizontally at 45 degree angle with each other. My first thoughts were falling stars, then sunrise reflecting on satellites, then airplanes, then helicopters. I wound down my window as I thought they were lights reflecting on the glass or if helicopters I would hear the noise. I heard nothing and the lights were still there travelling in the same direction, very fast. After ruling out all the above (mainly because of the horizontal direction and the speed) I just couldn't believe the alternatives - a fair dinkum UFO sighting. I just watched while going over the bridge. The two lights speed off in the distance over towards the Hills area, shaking my head in disbelief.

Correlating report:

Report emailed by witness:

22nd September - 5.15am. Driving, heading north F6 with colleague who also saw the same phenomenon. Two lights trailer each other at a considerable seed on downward angle 15-degrees over Water Fall area.

Lighting was clear bright dusk. Clearly see two large round lights travelling downward from eastern sky under the moon height.

Both objects appeared very fast for area travelled over Sydney basin. Never seen aircraft travel so quickly.

Simultaneously both lights on objects went out within seconds. First the front light then possible rear light.

No visible signs of thrusters burn for level of flying.

No smoke seen from lights. Once lights out lost all traces of object. Over last suspected positions within minutes near Water Fall, and no obvious signs of presence of aircraft, as no persons standing on street looking in the sky.

Convoy of three cars unknown to me were also in area when we saw object. Both agree of what we observed was unusual.


Coffs Harbour, NSW At approx 2100 hrs, my friend and I were sitting out the front of his house, which was around the corner from my own house. It was a moonless, starry night. As we talked, I noticed something in my peripheral vision - it appeared as though something was blocking out the stars momentarily. I went quiet and my friend asked what I was looking at. I could see a definite object moving slowly, and not at a high altitude, it was only visible due to it blocking the stars out as it moved, and very faint lights, I believe in a triangular form. It was travelling at a speed that would stall a normal aircraft, and it could not have been a helicopter, as it was dead silent. It continued heading towards the ocean, and went out of sight. I was 15 at the time, and have always had a keen interest in the unknown. I do have other reports from this area, both witnessed by a number of people. I have actually obtained old news clippings referring to these light beings seen in years gone by.

Ballina, NSW - 2009 On Monday 27th April 2009 at approximately 4am, Joy, who lives at Shelley Beach in Ballina NSW, was awake. Out of her window, she saw a star-like light that caught her eye – mostly because it was increasing in size. Joy went outside to have a look. As she watched, this object became so huge that Joy exclaimed it was “as bright as the sun.” She then observed 2 or 3 smaller lights moving towards it. As they approached, it was as if a cloud or smoke appeared like a cover. As the cloud dispersed, the smaller objects were gone. Joy watched all of this over the course of around 30 minutes. The large light appeared to be stationary in the sky. But after this initial sighting, it started to move North-East. As it moved, Joy then saw even more small lights approaching it. Then she lost sight of it. Finally, it moved around to her North- West, re-appearing in between obstructions turning around to the West. It then re-appeared, travelling toward the South emitting a reddish glow, but with no sound. By this time, it was 5am. The whole sighting had lasted an hour, but Joy’s concern was enough to telephone the police, before finally contacting us.

-‘M’ Gosford, NSW 2009 My husband saw a UFO on the 28/09/09 on his way to Gosford on the F3. It was like a star and higher than planes. It moved across the freeway, stopped, then moved back over the freeway and stopped again. The time was around 10.30pm. He has seen the same thing on numerous occasions at around the same time. It was not a satellite as they don't move backwards and forwards and stop. He doesn't know how far along the freeway it was when he saw it. Trees prevented him from seeing it further.

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