Date: 27th August 2006

Time: 11.00pm - 3.00am

Location: Campbelltown Theatre

We were fortunate enough to be the first research organization to investigate this historical Theatre. There were many rumours about alleged paranormal activities and who possibly haunted it.

In an attempt to find to find an alternative viewpoint on these events we engaged a local medium, Kerrie Wearing.

The building was built in the second half of the 19th Century and has large open areas including a stage, a large auditorium, waiting room and other smaller rooms.

Dom and Darren B. began with a general assessment noting interference levels and/or fluctuations caused by power boards, wiring etc.

Our guest medium Kerrie felt drawn upstairs to one of the rooms so we decided to investigate and pay close attention to any information she would provide. As we entered the room, Kerrie became aware of a male entity in a naval uniform by the name of Jack. Apparently Jack had passed away from TB in the 1930's.

Kerrie said that if we were to get any notable activity, Jack would be the responsible one.

We then ventured downstairs and entered the stage area. As we did, the medium said that she could see a farm on a residual level. Just then we heard a thud coming from under our feet. We all looked at each other. Then a second but more violent sound shuddered the floor under our feet. Quickly we scrambled to investigate the source, but there was none.

Dom and Darren B. arrived after their assessment. We were immediately made the inquest but they were nowhere near the stage area at the time of the occurrence. In fact they had just finished inspecting a neon light effect that had appeared in Darren B's video camera.

The group then followed Kerrie down stairs. The subfloor area was the next point of interest where some of the original sandstone foundations remained. The medium claimed that she had picked up on the energies of a gentleman who committed suicide around the 1830's, before the building was built.

Around midnight the group decided that we would begin a vigil upstairs. As we made our way, Kellie, one of our investigators, noticed that her video camera had unexpectedly switched itself off. To add to the inconvenience the camera would not function during the course of our investigation. It is worth mentioning that the camera became fully operational the following day.

Before we began our vigil, Dom and I secured three voice recorders and an infrared motion detector. Reviewing the recordings the next day, I wasn't surprised to hear thumps and someone tampering with the voice recorder.

All lights were switched off. Once upstairs Laszlo secured a fixed video camera facing the room. I occasionally operated my Handycam on night-mode to increase our chances.

Soon after we began, Laszlo's camera switched itself off. There was sufficient amount of power left in the battery pack and the camera had no previous glitches.

As we began calling for signs, Dom realised that responses were made by intense fluctuations in the EMI meter (where previously no EMI was registered). The analogue needle jumped up to 15 milligauss and remained there as a mid point. Then as if the questions were being answered the needle would go to full-scale deflection and then fall back to mid range. This was interpreted as an affirmative response to the question. Negative responses were interpreted by the needle falling to zero milligauss and then returning to mid point once again.

According to the medium the presence of any recording media was not welcome. Just as Kerrie uttered these words, my own camera switched itself off during recording. Again there was no sign of the battery pack drained or any fault with the unit. But it appeared that the analogue responses were mostly registered when the cameras were switched off.

After our experiences upstairs, we decided to investigate the auditorium. It was around 2.00am when the replies came back through the EMI meter, confirming that we had out stayed our welcome. This indication on the meter was finally recorded.



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