PR2D were fortunate to have the opportunity to investigate a facility on the Central Coast. With the car and box trailer loaded up, we headed off to the meeting point to board the boat. Looking at all the equipment on the wharf, I'm sure our guide was worried about how long we were really staying for!

After being shown our sleeping quarters (which was luxury compared to what we are used to) we were left alone to unpack and given free-range to the whole complex. We decided to unpack some of our gear and then head off and have a good look around and get a feel for the place in daylight so we could get our bearings right for the night ahead.

We conducted base line testing during the afternoon in the old dormitory and then headed down to the old nurses' quarters which had been vacated since 1986 and unfortunately succumbed to vandalism. As soon as the crew entered the old facility we knew we would get something incredible during the night because the air already felt "charged". One of our members certainly got the point across to us that he was not going to be left alone in there!

After having a good look around, we headed back to our cabin for something to eat and discuss our plan of approach. The local wildlife were very friendly, and we all got the chance to hand-feed the Kookaburra's and Rosella's. The crew had enough time out to focus on the job ahead and we decided that we would head off at about 8.00pm.

Our first stop was the dormitory. We set up the locked-on camera's and then did a vigil in the lower floor. Darren T had gone back to the cabin to get spare batteries and re-entered the room rather startled. He said that somebody had followed him back ... someone who wasn't there physically. It was about 10 minutes after that, that through my mediumship, I picked up a gentleman by the name of John who had been a patient at the facility back when it was a psychiatric hospital. John was interested in what we were doing and stayed in the room for about half an hour.

We then proceeded to a dark storeroom area which is the current first aid room. As soon as we entered the room, most of us felt a uneasiness about it.

An astral being (a nurse) was coming through and was rather annoyed at us intruding in on her area. She asked me to tell everyone to leave so she could do her job, I advised her that we were more than happy to do so if she would give us a sign of her presence. She did this by a fairly loud tap and then followed by another one. It wasn't long after this that I felt as though the chair I was sitting on was pulled out from underneath me. I thanked her for her assistance in our research, and we left the room.

We then decided to head off to the old nurses quarters. It was very dark, with a spectacular night sky and very, very quiet. We unlocked the gates and entered into a long corridor. The building smelt very musky and we all had to be extremely careful where we stepped, as most of the flooring had given way. We set a locked on camera facing south of the building and decided staying in the corridor area and film both directions with the hand held cameras. It wasn't long before we started to get distinctive noises but felt that the spirits were feeling a bit intimidated.

The above image (taken at 2:17:26) highlights a faint mist moving across the window frame of the end door. It is unfortunate that the image is poor quality yet it was clearly visible under dull illumination at the time of the investigation. The image has been displayed as a point of interest rather than using it as irrefutable evidence for something that may or may not be paranormal in nature. The image taken at 2:16:44 also highlights an anomaly just above the hallway door window. It is worth noting that there were no reflective artefacts in this section of the door. Furthermore, only small fragments of glass from the window remained. Image at 2:16:37 shows the door of interest in situ.

We made the decision to get out the psychic board and try and make contact with them that way. We were extremely fortunate enough to make contact with two gentlemen who promised to give us something we would never forget ... and that they did! After giving us the warning to look ahead (north) the most amazing mist formed before our eyes. With eyes peeled and cameras focused we patiently waited for anything they were prepared to give us. We began hearing some very loud bangs around us, and our friends confirmed through the board that it was them.

This all lasted for around half an hour. We were all asking for more interaction, but to spirit, this would have been very draining for them. We farewelled them at 3.00am. We were all very appreciative of this memorable experience.

The decision then to call it a night was appropriate. It had been a long day, and we were all overwhelmed by the experience. We headed back to the cabin and then it really hit us to what we had just witnessed. This had been a night to remember!

After 3-hours sleep we loaded all our equipment and headed back to the mainland. Once again, PR2D had been privileged to experience a location that nobody had ever investigated.

Central Coast

Haunted institution

Date: Saturday 21st July 2007

Location: Approximately 60 km north from Sydney

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