In early February 2008 our paranormal research division investigated the ghost town of Yerranderie, which is situated approximately 5 - 6 hours west of Sydney, in the Kanangra Boyd National Park. Access to the old mining town is only possible by 4WD as it is nestled in harsh wilderness and isolation.

Some of the original 19th and early 20th century buildings have been restored by the current owner. Our crew had the opportunity to investigate one of these buildings.

The above image was taken during a séance, by our photographer Frank Pataky. The shutter was delayed for approximately 22 seconds and thus captured two inexplicable anomalies around the young lady in the centre.

At first it was assumed to be 'camera ghosting' but that was soon ruled out because of the lack of any trailing. Watching the lady in the middle, her right hand (placed on a planchette) shows some minor trailing. The two ladies on either sides display considerable amounts of the optical effect, more so with the lady on the left.

Take note of the hand apparently reaching for the planchette. It is translucent and seemingly larger than the female hand supporting the chin. Furthermore, the hand seems to display only four fingers. There is no trailing evident between the anomalous hand and the hand supporting the chin to suggest 'ghosting'.

The second anomaly appears as a mist-like formation above the female subject's right shoulder. When filtered, the characteristics of this alleged apparition became clearer. If we take a closer look, the features do not appear to resemble any human like characteristics.

Any form of optical effects have been ruled out as no reflective artefacts were placed within the vicinity of the anomaly.

There is a fundamental question that haunts this picture: if the anomaly is in fact paranormal in nature, could it be that the apparition's other hand (not visible) was controlling the subject's right hand on the planchette?

The image is, without doubt, very impressive. However, we have to be careful not to jump to any conclusions as none can be drawn. This image could well be a result of pareidolia … or on the other hand, we may be dealing with something extraordinary. You be the judge.

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