Date: Friday 13th October 2006

Location: Approximately 150km from Sydney

Investigation time period: 10.30pm - 3.00am

Up to this date, no other location we've investigated so far matched the intensity and eeriness of what's been dubbed as The Facility. The magnitude of events was something we had never encountered before. We knew this place had a long, disturbing macabre history. It is no wonder that the activities during our investigation were so rich and varied: physical and audible phenomena (sighs, voices, screaming) and visual phenomena.

Remote from civilization, the facility is quite large and covers an extensive area, mostly surrounded by dense bushland. We didn't have an opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the location during the day, so we took the liberty to cover the grounds in the dark of night. Armed with a few headlamps and video cameras we moved through the blackness and inspected the corridors and rooms thoroughly taking note of any variations. It is worth noting that without any form of illumination, we could not see the ground under our feet.

Most parts of the facility seemed to offer a neutral and at times a warm atmosphere. The eastern section on the other hand was on the contrary - nauseating, thick atmosphere that sent our hair standing on ends. Here the smell of death lingered in the air. This section of the facility was so daunting that it sent one of our team members in a state of panic.

Roaming disorientated from room to room, from one corridor to the next, we eventually found ourselves outside. The dark path ahead led us to the morgue. A cold chill ran down our spines as we walked into a place where once the dead were put to rest in their temporary ice coffins. The morgue had been unused for many, many years but the air still carried an unpleasant odour. The old refrigeration units lay dormant, dead like the bodies they once housed.

"I wonder what it's like to lay in one of these," one of the crewmembers asked another. It was the inquisitive nature of a researcher speaking - his words inspiring the other team member. As a researcher, first hand experience is something that can be the most tempting and rewarding, even if it meant facing certain adversities. An opportunity to study and evaluate an experience and to be in a place where no living person has ever been is something that cannot be easily ignored.

Without adding anything to the question, the two knew what they had to do. The doors were pulled open, the trays rolled out and in they went in two separate old refrigeration units. As the doors shut on them, the others waited anxiously.

Minutes passed and still no sign of disturbance from the two researchers. The rest of the crew could no longer wait … but the doors would not open, they were stuck. Horrifying thoughts flashed through their minds. If they could not get the doors open, it was only a matter of time and the two stranded men would run out of air.

Finally, after an extraordinary team effort the doors were pulled open. No unusual sensations or phenomenon was experienced during their encasement, but one of the researchers walked away with an excruciating headache that lasted for only a few minutes.

It was near midnight when we began setting up fixed cameras, trigger items, IC recorders and a passive IR motion sensor. Soon we were prepared for our first vigil in the chilling eastern section.

We decided to conduct a séance. At first we heard some taps on the wall and footsteps coming from the hallway, followed by an icy breeze brushing between us.

One of our members said that he could sense some hesitation, even a level of fear.

This hesitation from the other side all changed when we decided to relocate to another room. As soon as we entered we were all overwhelmed by the intensity of the atmosphere - thick like soup.

Another séance began. This time we all remained standing. The temperature around us suddenly dropped alarmingly low. We weren't prepared for the occurrences that were about to unfold.

At first a crewmember seemed to drift in and out of consciousness. He said that he felt as if something dense had permeated through him, starting from the back of the neck and streaming through his spine and up through his head. Eventually he went numb and could no longer hold his balance. He collapsed, partly unconscious on the ground with his eyes rolling back. He was dragged into the hallway by team members who took him under the arms and supported him to stay upright. It soon became apparent that a different personality had taken over him. Watching this otherwise strong willed person fall into the mercy of an inexplicable personality was terrifying.

Unaware of those who had surrounded him, he asked Darren B who he was. Darren responded, 'Darren … who are you?' The response was 'Janet' … and then he fell under his own weight, his legs folding under him.

It is worth noting that this member of our crew has no history of any psychological disorder or Epilepsy. He is generally known as analytical and level headed. There is no doubt that the influence he was subjected to was beyond his control.

Immediately he was taken outside and gradually regained consciousness.

The door we came out from was secure and could not be locked from the outside. The lock on the inside was unlocked. As we all gathered outside, this door was slammed shut and locked from the inside. There was no one else left inside. Concerns were voiced as our equipment was still in the facility.

After floundering through the terrain in pitch-blackness, we eventually found another way in. Even though the alternative entry was there for the taking, the presence of this looming force had not left the domain of the building. It took the effected member a number of attempts before he felt strong enough to overcome the influence of this possessive consciousness.


Can all this be possible?

There is no doubt that a large portion of possessive influences are associated with prolonged exposure to high levels of emotions such as stress, psychological disorders and other conditions that can place the human mind under strain. However, we still know very little about the make up and characteristics of these paranormal forces and the possible effects they can have on a physical human being. The term ‘paranormal’ simply implies the fact that certain occurrences and events fall outside the rim of scientific explanation. To ignore all things that fall beyond this rim is an attitude that was embraced in early times when general belief said that the Earth was flat.

There are too many cases, too much documentation to label certain paranormal phenomena, such as surviving consciousness, as mass hallucination. It can no longer be ignored.

Our next attempt was to conduct a vigil in a nearby room. It was in this room that we sensed an unpleasant odour during our initial inspection of the facility.

Two video cameras were set up, and all members settled in waiting. When one of the cameramen decided to sit down in a more comfortable posture a voice echoed through the room. Most members claimed that it sounded like a voice of a child.

Remaining silent for around 30 minutes, another audible phenomenon was heard - a woman's sigh breezed through the hallway. At this point in time we were starting to get a little uneasy (especially being aware of movements through the hallway and in the room we set up in).

Just when we thought things were beginning to settle down Darren T. was suddenly overcome by an aggravated influence. This unprecedented aggression would last well until noon the next day. Then it was Kellie. Similar to our member who had taken on an unusual persona Kellie had suddenly fallen into the grip of an inexplicable influence. She struggled hard not to be overcome. Then it just left her.

Moments later, we heard a loud exclamation coming from Larraine. Something had poked her violently between the ribs. Whatever caused it, it was strong enough to leave her bruised. She was sitting next to Kellie and seemed to be the next in line.

Since most of the activity was happening in the hallway, it seemed logical to move there and listen. In such darkness where you could not see your hand in front of you we waited patiently. Far down the hallway, among the corridors we heard the occasional tap and hard defined footsteps. We were certain that we were the only ones within a few kilometre radius. Whatever presence was lurking among the lower corridors in pitch black was not human as we know it.

Around 2.00am we made our way towards the more benevolent end of the facility - the chapel.

Shortly after we finished discussing our perceptions of our current location, our humble cameraman, Laszlo, who was the furthest away suddenly became distressed. He was seeing orbs … and many of them in all shapes and sizes. The fact of the matter is that the floor coverings were old dusty carpets. In a dilapidated environment as such even the slightest movement can cause dust and loose fabric to become airborne. The IR light from the camera’s LED reflects these out of focus particles into distorted images known as orbs. Yet the cameraman refused to believe this. Instead he engaged a more supernatural belief system.

Had any of these orbs displayed some form of iridescence then there would have been a point to his argument.

It was at this point in our debate when Darren T. claimed that he sighted a tall shadowy figure in the morgue. It soon turned away and vanished into the darkness.

Around 3.00am we gathered our equipment and stood outside under the faint glow of the Moon to recap what had happened.

The exterior of this place looms in the shadows of age-old trees and shrouded with their foliage. At first glance it appears mysterious and foreboding, a place that time has forgotten. The initial observation reflects the reality that lingers within this derelict network of structures. One could say that it is a place where walls have eyes.

Could they be watching our every move - plotting and scheming against whoever enters?

To some it sounds like hallucinatory paranoia. But until one experiences these true forces of nature – and I regard these occurrences as an element of nature – one could not possibly fathom the reality of such forces. Our next investigation at this facility reinforced the truth about the paranormal and just how powerful these elements can be.

The Facility

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