Eva Liwicki is a journalist. Below is a true account from her column called The Kids and Us! Jules is her husband; Sophie and Alex are her children.

“Hey, this sounds interesting,” Jules said, holding up the local paper: Kids' ghost hunting tour this Friday night. “Wow! A ghost tour!” said Alex. “Can we go?” asked Sophie. “I don't think so,” I laughed. “If you two see a ghost you'll freak out so much you won't be able to sleep.” “No we won't!” they protested. “All right,” I said. “But don't say I didn't warn you.” Which is how we found ourselves amongst a group of excitable kids plus their parents a few evenings later in the creepy grounds of the Quarantine Station. “Adults, take a lantern and then everyone follow me,” instructed our guide Clarisse as she led us away from the safety of the car park and into the murky blackness of the night. As we scurried along winding paths, Clarisse filled us in on the history of the place. “For over a century, people with contagious diseases were brought here so they wouldn't infect others. But with so few medicines available back then, many patients that came never left,” she said. "Hundreds died horrible, lingering deaths here.” “Where's the cemetery?” asked Jules. “There isn't one,” Clarisse replied. “All those gravestones would've been very off-putting for newcomers. The dead were just put in the ground.

You could be walking on a grave right now.” “Oh,” said Jules, moving briskly along. “You wuss, Jules,” I laughed. “She's pulling your leg.” Clarisse stopped outside a semi-derelict building. “This is a very spooky place,” she announced. “Inside lives an angry spirit. If you're brave enough to enter, watch out for flying chairs.” “Come on kids,” I said. “This I have to see.” Five minutes later, we all marched out to where Jules was ‘standing guard’. “Well?” he asked. “The only thing flying down there was a raggedy old moth,” I laughed. Next stop was the hospital. “Many people died here,” said Clarisse. “Lots of visitors swear they see the spirit of Matron, still doing her rounds.” As the group lingered around the beds, I wandered towards the back of the ward where I found a cupboard full of folded candlewick bedspreads. “This'll scare them,” I thought, placing one of the white bedspreads over my head and coming out, arms raised. “Whooooo!” I taunted. “I'm a ghost!” “Mum, that's not funny!” Sophie yelled. “No, it isn't.” Clarisse said. “Matron would be very angry about that.” “Sorry,” I muttered. “Just having a bit of fun.” Two hours later, the tour finished and we drove home. “What did you do that ghost trick for?” Jules asked as we piled out of the car. “Clarisse told me spirits can attach themselves to you if you annoy them.” “It was just a joke,” I said, opening the front door. “There's a bit of a breeze in here,” Jules remarked. “No wonder,” I said. “You left the kitchen window open.” “No I didn't,” he replied, and we stared at each other. “Burglars!” I cried, and we all dashed to check the other rooms. “My window’s wide open!” said Sophie. “So's mine!” cried Alex. In fact, every single window in the house was wide open, although there were no other signs of a break in. Jules and I went outside to check the side gates. “They're both still locked,” Jules said, mystified. “And there's no other way they could get to the back windows.” Then we heard Sophie scream. We dashed back inside. “Look Mum,” she wept, pointing at the fish tank. We all looked. With the exception of one, all our fish were floating on top of the water, dead. “My God,” I said. “I've brought the wrath of Matron upon me!” “Don’t be daft,” Jules scoffed. “So how do you explain the windows? The fish? Matron's obviously very angry with me!” “Calm down,” Jules said. “Kids, get the bucket, we'd better get these dead fish out.” As Sophie went off sobbing, I said a little prayer. “Matron, I'm very, very sorry about the bedspread caper. Please forgive me.” When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All the fish were swimming again. That night, as everyone else slept soundly, I stayed awake for a very long time, pondering the night's events, listening to my heart still thudding in my chest and vowing never ever to upset a ghost again. At least not in this lifetime. - Eva Liwicki

Pictures taken of the Quarantine station during an investigation by the UFO-PRSA. Photography  Copyright to Frank Pataky, UFO-PRSA

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