Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, Dominic is a former chairperson of the AURA group (Australian UFO Research Association) . Whilst in Adelaide, Dominic and Keith Basterfield began something called Disclosure Australia. In this was the steady and patient discovery and public availability of government documents held which covered the UFO topic but which were not part of the public domain. This Project took nearly 4 years and around $4000 of private funds to exhaust to the point where the group could officially close off the project such as it was and leave open only that interest which keeps the maintenance of such a catalogue up to date. Currently, there are around 1500 case reports on the catalogue.

Dominic relocated to Sydney in 2006. He now holds the position of Secretary and has recently taken on the role of Webmaster. Dominic is the technical inquisitor of events and excursions covered by the UFO-PRSA group. As such, he is involved in attempts to procure equipment other than ‘off the shelf’ and is busily developing the next family of night vision.

Dominic is interested in hearing about any kind of bizarre circumstance, inexplicable events, psychic ability or UFO sightings as he believes that many such stories and the information contained within them is important enough to record but is often simply lost through the lack of a structured recording system. Dominic believes that all events of a nature which defies logical explanation, or are significantly inexplicable by ordinary means, deserve better than to be lost forever.

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