Darren’s background originates from outback NSW. From a young age, Darren has always been interested in things out of the ordinary. He pursued this interest in 2004 when he became an investigative member with RACE (Research of Australian Close Encounters). In 2006, he joined the rest of the team in an ongoing project investigating certain paranormal cases reported by the public.

As part of the group’s television project, Darren appeared in the P.I. Series and P.I. The Challenge which has been aired on all Community TV stations in Australia.

Darren’s talents include photography, print media and a command of IT and technical knowledge support for the society.

However, this interest goes beyond UFO and paranormal research.

One day, while attending a seminar to see a highly respectable medium from the UK, he witnessed Eric Pearl give a presentation on Reconnective HealingTM and the ReconnectionTM. This changed Darren’s life and he knew this was something he had to do.

Darren attended training with Eric Pearl three months after seeing Eric give his presentation and continues to be amazed by this fascinating technique that has been passed on.

Darren has given brief lectures about this technique at different presentations in Australia and has demonstrated this ability as a Reconnective practitioner.

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