Frank’s involvement in UFO-PRSA started many years ago when his wife Kellie, who is the Treasurer of the Society, originally joined the group in 2003.

Frank has always been interested in UFOlogy and attended many night watches with the group over the years.  He has also been on expeditions and has been driving the group all over the country side on many of our quests for the truth.

As Frank has been an avid amateur photographer over the years, it was during the filming of The Challenge Series 1 that the group decided that an extra camera person was essential.  It was then while on location filming the Yerranderie episode in 2008, that his full potential as a photographer of bizarre events began. The photo that he captured is on our website under the Yerranderie section of the Paranormal pages and has been shown to

day, no explanation can be given by any professional or skeptic; therefore we believe he has captured something truly remarkable.  He has also taken what we believe is another ‘spirit’ photo during our filming at The Bushranger Hotel in Collector, which has gone to air on TVS Sydney, C31 Adelaide, QTV Brisbane and C31 Melbourne. So stay tuned!

If you are interested in looking at any of the photographs Frank has taken for the Society, please lbe patient as this page is currently under construction and will be readied for the month of april 2010.


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