Kellie is Vice President of UFO-PRSA as well as a senior researcher for RACE (Research of Australian Close Encounters).  She combines her sixth sense with her research skills on paranormal investigations.

Kellie was first introduced to the group back in 2003 by our President Larraine Cilia. Larraine was a family friend and encouraged Kellie to come along to the group’s public meetings at Campbelltown Library and share her experiences.  In 2004, she became a Committee member and an investgator.

During her time as a researcher, she has participated in many UFO expeditions and paranormal investigations.  It was during one of these investigations that Kellie got her key awakening for her insight.  She had been experiencing many “out of the ordinary” visions since she was quite a young age, but always put it down to having an over-active imagination.

Since then, her senses have developed and Kellie has also had visions of excerpts from what she believes are past lives.  This has now become one of her passions – piecing together as much information she can and hopefully completing the journey.

Kellie was also part of the team who filmed Paranormal Investigators – The Challenge Series 1 and 2 which was screen nationally during 2009.

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