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The UFO-PRSA is proud to host Paulina Howfield.

Paulina Howfield interacts with the Consciousness of the Earth to facilitate humanity's collective spiritual awakening and ascent into galactic consciousness. She interacts physically and remotely with sacred sites, crop circles, planetary alignments and specific energy fields and works with star beings, extra-terrestrials, planetary guardians and galactic entities to activate, cleanse and re-align energy frequencies in the body of our planet, and the consciousness of our species.

Paulina believes that the bigger picture of the current Paradigm Shift is our evolution into embodied Galactic Consciousness, and so all everything that she does aims to facilitate that. She leads Soul Consciousness Tours; teaches Earth Energy Consciousness Training; and creates Meditation CDs to facilitate Soul Connections at Planetary and Cosmic Sites. She also works with individuals as an Art Therapist, Soul Counsellor and Shamanic Healer and combines her expertise in mainstream modalities and non ordinary realities, to offer unique healing, past life clearing, and galactic frequency encodings.

Paulina is also an artist and photographer and in 2015 she combined her images and psycho-spiritual knowledge to create a Healing Deck called 'Soul Whispers Cards'. Her first book about her many years of interacting with the Soul of the Earth is called 'Remembering Isis', and discusses her work at the Goddess Temples of Malta in 1990.

Please join us at the Arts Centre, Campbelltown to discuss openly on the subject. Details below….

Venue: Campbelltown Arts Centre

Address: Art Gallery Rd, Campbelltown

Time: 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm.

Entry: Public $15, Members $10

Tea and Biscuits provided

Please use this interactive map to navigate your way to the Catholic Club.

UFOPRSA enquiries: ufoprsa@optusnet.com.au

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Wednesday June 13th, 7pm
‘Matrix Harmonics’
 Arts Centre Campbelltown

Public parking available at the Southern or ‘hilltop’ end of Art Gallery road.

Paulina Howfield