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The UFO-PRSA is proud to Host Sheryl Gottschall of UFORQ. Her presentation is described below;

“………….Individuals who report near death and out of body experiences have sometimes encountered strange beings who they can only describe as non-human and perhaps extraterrestrial.

Could it be just their imagination or could it be that they have actually witnessed extraterrestrials who exist in the dimension we call the afterlife? If this is true, the question arises as to who or what exists in other dimensions? And do they have the ability to manoeuvre between the world of living humans and the domain of the dead, as easily as we can walk on land and swim in the water.

Join us as we explore the two biggest mysteries of the 21st century – are we alone in the universe and what happens when we die?”

We may find they are more deeply connected than we realise!”

Please join us at the Arts Centre, Campbelltown to discuss openly on the subject. Details below….

Venue: Campbelltown Arts Centre

Address: Art Gallery Rd, Campbelltown

Time: 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm.

Entry: Members - $10 Public: $15 Coffee, tea, biscuits provided.

Please use this interactive map to navigate your way to the Catholic Club.

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Wednesday March 14th, 7pm
Sheryl Gottschall
Aliens In The Afterlife’