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Strange creature reports taken from the Mount white districts by the UFO & Paranormal research Society of Australia between 2008 and 2009. The creature was described in detail - but it wasn't the only thing that people of the area were noticing that was strange. Apart from these strange creature sightings, they were also accompanied by sightings of 'shadow people' in the night. that shadows of the tallest types would float across walls - and the ceilings - frightening the daylights out of residents on the water line.

From the Archives of the UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia. Filmed during a UFOPRSA Night watch at Long reef Collaroy. The distant lights low down are n fact the lands end lighting across the bay, just on/over the horizon. The object appears to recede at an alarming rate relative to its ‘normal’ operations.

The return of the scientific relative yields other than expected results.....

From the Forthcoming Re-enactment series of standout cases called ‘Belief’ This is a complete reversal cross-cut version of the scene showing the adversarial nature of conversations when two different people begin to agree about what it is, but not who should know………

The Results

Back in 2005, an article in the Adelaide Advertiser sparked media interest in the Disclosure Australia project being run by AURA in South Australia uncovering the documents held by the National Archives on the UFO topic. The above story went to air shortly thereafter.